Nursery Advice service

Nursery Advice service

With you every little step of the way

Whether you've got a new baby on the way, or your little one is about to enter a new stage in the first year's amazing development journey, our Nursery Partners are here to help you find everything you need.

We'll answer any questions you have, and always give impartial, expert advice that suits your lifestyle and budget.

We offer two services, and both are free:

  • Service 1 is Before Baby Arrives, ideal if this is your first, or if you've had a gap and would like to know what's changed.
    We recommend booking this appointment for when you're around 20-24 weeks pregnant
  • Service 2 is an optional follow-up appointment, Baby's next steps; it's to give you some guidance on product choices for the milestones of 5 months and beyond


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Nursery Advice service

Online booking for Service 1, Before baby arrives, is available in all our shops with Nursery departments (excludes Chester, Croydon, Poole, Swindon, Tamworth and Tunbridge Wells at Homes, Heathrow and St Pancras shops).

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