Buy Smeg FAB32L Freestanding 60/40 Fridge-Freezer, A+++ Energy Rating, Left-Hand Hinge, 60cm Wide, Pink Online at

Smeg FAB32L Freestanding 60/40 Fridge-Freezer, A+++ Energy Rating, Left-Hand Hinge, 60cm Wide, Pink



H195.5 x W60.1 x D72.8cm

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Capturing the iconic style of the 1950s, with all the internal features you need from a modern fridge-freezer. Elegantly understated colours are flattered by gently rounded corners and the distinctive horizontal metallic handle. Includes:

  • Impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating to keep running costs down
  • Substantial total capacity of 365L - ideal for a medium to large sized family
  • Life Plus draw - with a controlled temperature of 0 degrees, this draw will keep fruit and veg fresh and crisp for longer than a standard salad drawer
  • Safety glass shelves
  • Frost-free freezer compartment, to save worrying about defrosting
  • Right opening door

The Smeg name is linked to its roots in Guastalla, Italy. Smeg stands for ‘Smalterie Metallurgiche, Emiliane, Guastalla’ (a metal enamelling factory in Guastalla, Emilia, Italy). Smeg ensures exceptional build quality by using high quality components and applying rigorous testing to every appliance. It takes two years of research and testing before Smeg releases a product onto the market, and every appliance is tested for 15 years of use.

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