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Smeg SUK91CMX9 Concert Range Cooker With Ceramic Hob, Stainless Steel



H90cm x W90cm x D60cm

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Has an even temperature throughout for consistent cooking

Ceramic hob

Easy to clean, quick to heat up & has a stylish finish

Optimise your cooking experience whilst adding a touch of style to your kitchen with the Smeg SUK91CMX9 Concert Range Cooker. With an impressive 115L capacity, 5 shelf positions and 5 zone ceramic hob, this range is perfect for large families or those who enjoy entertaining. Finished in stainless steel with clean lines and high quality components, this appliance offers a stylish, easy-to-use cooker that produces excellent results.

The large multi-function oven features 8 functions and 5 cooking levels, providing versatile cooking to achieve professional results. Topped with 5 quick responsive zones, the ceramic hob provides accurate temperatures in each zone complete with residual heat indicators and automatic safety cut-out for peace of mind. Circulaire fan heating ensures quicker and more thorough cooking, providing excellent browning results. The effective circulation of hot air prevents flavour transfer between foods, meaning delicate and strongly fragranced foods can be cooked at the same time. The Rotisserie option with full grill gives your food an even browning at the end of the cooking.

The Vapour Clean setting ensures cleaning will take just under 20 minutes to complete, by simply pouring a little water into the base of the oven, any residue is softened. The oven is lined with easy clean enamel with triple glazed removable door glass, saving you time and effort and ensuring no more smoky kitchens.

Power and efficiency
Awarded an A energy efficiency rating, this model will not only look good in your kitchen but also help you save money on your power bill. The electronic clock can also be programmed to ensure cooking perfection every time, while the large oven door allows easy access to your cooking.


  • Extra deep tray (40mm deep)
  • Roasting/grill pan (20mm deep)
  • Chrome shelves
  • Rotisserie kit

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