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Belling Farmhouse 60G Gas Cooker, 60cm Wide, Red



H90 x W60 x D60cm


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This Belling Farmhouse cooker evokes the classic styling of a range cooker, but with a compact 60cm wide form factor. The gas hobs give instant access and control over heat when cooking, complemented by a pair of gas ovens. A LED touch control clock and simple rotary controls make operation straightforward while adding a stylish but practical design feature.

Ceramic hob
The gas hobs range in power from 1kW to an impressive 4kW, designed for large pans and wok cooking. With cast iron pan supports.

A pair of oven cavities give you a wide array of cooking options. The main oven has a generous capacity of 62L, and the second oven has a capacity of 37L, with conventional cooking options and a grill. A full-width grill pan is included.

Both ovens comprise of 2 shelves with 6 positioning options, so you can create space for larger meals.

Energy efficient
Limiting the impact on your energy consumption, this cooker has an A Energy Rating to help you keep your energy costs low.

Programmable timer
Once your food is prepared and ready to go in the oven, you can easily set the duration of time using the LED clock and programmable timer. Easy to navigate and to program, you can effortlessly press the indicators to set the desired time, once the timer has stopped you will be alerted.

Easy to clean
The specially designed enamel interior ensures that cleaning your oven is not the dreaded task it used to be. Easily wipe food deposits and spillages off the surface as they the interior prevents anything from fusing into it, allowing you to keep your oven cavity in pristine condition. This cooker allows you to maintain cleanliness effortlessly as the door comes with a removable glass panel, so that you can simply wipe the surface and reach crevices much easier.

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