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A cashmere piece is an investment that you should treasure and keep for years. John Lewis own-brand cashmere comes from the region stretching from northern China into Mongolia where conditions are just right for the special type of goats from which our cashmere fibre is collected. The cold climate and hearty lifestyle of the animals produce the longest, finest, softest fibres: some of the best cashmere in the world.

A single cashmere jumper requires the fibre of about four goats, whereas one sheep produces enough fibre to make five wool jumpers.

As a responsible retailer, we have a long-standing relationship with our carefully selected suppliers and are committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare. We’re proud to work with the suppliers to ensure the herders have the right support to ensure these unique animals continue to thrive. We care about the environment too, and are working hard to create a more sustainable system for cashmere production. Our teams take the time to craft our products, and every detail is carefully considered. So you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re buying a quality piece, with a considered, conscious supply chain behind it. That’s what we call an investment item.


Stylish cashmere should be a key part of every woman's winter wardrobe.  Whether layering a cashmere roll neck underneath a favourite dress or teaming a cashmere jumper with classic straight leg jeans, it's the smartest fashion investment for the cooler months. 

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Cashmere jumpers

Non-itchy, eternally stylish and long-lasting, the cashmere jumper is a winter wardobe must-have.

Cashmere cardigans

Whether buttoned-up or layered over a favourite top, a soft cashmere cardigan will smarten up any daytime look. 

Cashmere Tops

A cashmere top is a great alternative to cotton, it will maintain your body heat, feel soft against the skin and is easy to style.


At John Lewis and Partners we are committed to making sure our cashmere is the most sustainably, traceable and stylish on the market. 


Excellent cashmere is essential for a well-dressed man's wardrobe. Whether keeping out the cold with soft cashmere accessories or incorporating a cashmere mix coat into winter must-haves, cashmere is the ultimate luxury for every day.

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Cashmere Jumpers

Lightweight, cosy and soft against the skin, a cashmere jumper is a welcome wardrobe staple.

Cashmere Accessories

Cashmere Accessories

Cashmere scarves, hats and gloves are a luxurious take on classic winter knitwear accessories. 


Our cashmere is fully fashioned, meaning each panel is knitted to size rather than cut and sewn together, creating a more flattering fit. 


Looking after your cashmere is simple - the better you treat it, the longer it lasts. Learn about the best way to wash your cashmere as well as how to store yours correctly, so your treasured cashmere stays luxurious.