Curtain tracks buying guide


The right curtain track, correctly fitted, will make a big difference to the hang of your curtains and the whole look of your room. We stock a wide selection of curtain tracks and accessories, and you can also order custom-made tracks from Silent Gliss in our shops.

If you'd prefer to use a curtain pole, take a look at our buying guide and shop here.

Choosing your curtain track

Make sure that the track you choose is suitable for the weight
of the curtains you're using.

We sell two types of track online:

PVC is inexpensive, flexible and suitable for light and medium weight curtains, but a corded option isn't available with this type
of track, so you can't open your curtains via a pull cord and will need to handle the fabric itself to open and close them.

Aluminium is more expensive but stronger and more durable,
as well as being bendable. It's also suitable for light and medium weight fabric and gives you smoother drawing curtains. Corded and uncorded options are available with this type of track.

Two other types of track are available in our shops:

Steel is suitable for heavy weight curtains. This type of track is always corded, but not bendable for bay windows.

Heavy duty aluminium can be made to exact lengths and can be ordered ready bent.

Corded or uncorded tracks?

Corded tracks are threaded with nylon cord at the back which connects to a system of gliders and pulleys. You open and close the curtains by using a pull-cord, without having to handle the curtain, protecting more delicate fabrics from damage.

Corded tracks are also useful for heavy curtains or tall or tricky to access windows, making drawing your curtains easier. Corded tracks over 3m (9'10") in length will have cords at both ends rather than just one (see diagram).

Window shapes and measuring up

Outside recesses When measuring, allow a minimum of
15cm (6") each side of the window to let in the maximum amount of daylight. For very full curtains allow even greater width. Again, PVC and aluminium tracks can be cut to fit. Heavy duty aluminium tracks can be ordered in exact lengths from our shops.

An extendable steel track can be used where you're unsure of the exact measurements. Narrow windows can be made to appear wider by extending the track on either size (see diagram).

Inside recesses

To fit a curtain track inside a recess, the overall length of the
track should be slightly shorter than the actual width of the recess. Standard size PVC or slim aluminium tracks can be cut to fit using a hacksaw.

When measuring, allow for bends. The gentler the bend, the more smoothly your curtains will run. Most PVC or aluminium track can be bent to fit. If the track is heavy duty aluminium you'll need to order it ready bent – just fill in one of our measurement forms in store and we’ll do the rest.

We can also supply and fit the track if your bay has several bends, or if you're unsure about measuring tracks yourself. Please visit one of our shops for details.

Cutting and bending tracks


PVC tracks are easy to cut with a hacksaw. When bending, work with care and make sure the track is at room temperature. Follow the pack instructions which will tell you the angle of bend you can achieve.


Aluminium tracks are also easy to cut with a hacksaw. Aluminium can be made into tighter bends but work carefully since once bent, an aluminium track will not spring back. Follow the pack instructions and bend in stages, checking the angle of the bend regularly against the shape of the window.


Steel tracks are best for heavy curtains, but they cannot be bent. You may want to consider curtain poles joined by a flexible connector instead.

Heavy duty aluminium

Tracks should be ordered cut to length or cut by professional fitters. Some can be bent outwards as well as inwards, while others cannot be bent so check with an assistant before you order. Tracks can be bent to your own measurements or our professional fitters will bend them as part of our fitting service. Please visit one of our shops for details. 

Fitting tracks

Brackets: Most tracks come with universal brackets that can be fixed either to the wall or ceiling.

Wall fixing: Fix the track to a wooden batten above the window frame, or fix to brickwork using long screws and rawlplugs.

Ceiling fixing: Attach track to ceiling joists or, if joists are not
in the right positions, to a wooden batten. 


We have a range of accessories to fit, fix and maintain curtain tracks:

  • Spares: tracks come complete with all fittings apart from curtain hooks, but we stock additional gliders, end stops and brackets
  • Extension brackets: use with deep windows or radiators to bring the curtains further out from the wall
  • Draw rods: for drawing curtains on uncorded tracks. Choose from 3 lengths to suit the height of your windows

A wider range is available in our shops and includes:

  • Header tape: our shops stock a full range of Rufflette tapes and hooks
  • Spray lubricant: a silicone-based spray to help curtains run more smoothly, prolonging the life of corded curtain tracks.

View curtain track accessories


Occasional cleaning will improve the performance of your track and help prolong its life. Wash with a household detergent, allow to dry, then spray with a silicone-based lubricant.