Office chair buying guide

We offer a wide range of home office chairs, from simple stools for web surfing, to complex ergonomic seats for long hours at your desk. With so much choice, our guide makes buying the perfect chair easy – all you have to do is assess your needs and working style. Watch the video above for more information on chair ergonomics. If you're considering installing a proper home office, we offer a fitted office service in our shops - find out more.


Ergonomics is the application of scientific information to the design of objects, systems and environment, making them more efficient and comfortable to use.

Ergonomically correct and comfortable seating should provide stable body support in a varietyof postures. In addition, the design of the workplace and furniture should encourage a certain amount of movement and changing of posture.


The main requirements for good seating are that:

  • circulation in the thighs is not restricted,
  • the posture requires little muscular effort to maintain,
  • the loading (stress) on the spine is minimised and maintains the natural S-shape of the spine without the need for muscular tension.


Choosing your office chair

A good work chair should be:

  • fit for the intended purpose, enabling you to move freely and carry out tasks comfortably and efficiently
  • able to accommodate everyone who intends to use it, regardless of size or shape
  • supportive of your body in a number of comfortable postures
  • suited to your workstation, especially the height of the table or desk and the layout of the equipment on it.

How long will you be using the chair for?

  • occasionally - less than 2 hours a day
  • working part-time between 2 to 4 hours a day
  • more than 4 hours a day - more or less full time

The longer you’re using the chair, the more adjustable features you’ll need. All the adjustments should be within easy reach and you should be able to operate them, while seated, with minimal effort. Lumbar support is essential if you’re going to use the chair for long periods

Will anyone else be using your chair?

If s/he is quite different to you in height, weight and build, then you’ll need a chair which easily adjusts for each of you, and has height-adjustable lumbar support.


Features to look out for