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Buying an Office Chair

What kind of chair do I need?

From simple chairs for web surfing, to complex ergonomic seats for long hours at your desk, a good work chair should be:

The right fit, enabling you to move freely and carry out tasks comfortably

Able to accommodate everyone who intends to use it, regardless of size or shape

Supportive of your body in a number of comfortable postures

Suited to your workstation, especially the height of the desk and the layout of the equipment on it

Fixed chairs

Perfect if you...

  • Will use the chair occasionally - for less than 2 hours daily
  • Want a chair that could also be used as a dining chair
  • Need it fully assembled
Fixed office chairs


 If you’re using your chair for long periods, or if you’re sharing a chair, you’ll need more adjustable features. All the adjustments should be within easy reach and you should be able to operate them, while seated, with minimal effort.

Standard swivel chairs

Perfect if you...

  • Will only use the chair for 2-4 hours a day
  • Suffer from back pain
  • Want a simple design
standard swivel office chair
Ergonomic chairs
Perfect if you...
  • Work from home and sit for more than 4 hours a day
  • Have a fixed height desk
  • Will share the chair with someone of a different build
Ergonomic office chair


 If you’re buying a chair that you will use everyday, try sitting on different styles for an extended period, so you can find one that fits you.

Watch the video

Watch our video to learn about different chair ergonomics.

A video about office chairs

Features to look out for

Seat height
  • The most important feature
  • Your feet should rest flat on the floor
  • The back of your thighs should not feel compressed
  • If you can’t adjust your desk height, adjust your chair 
  • Lower your chair until your elbows are just above the table top
  • If your feet still don’t rest flat on the floor, get a footrest
seat height diagram
Seat depth
  • You should be able to sit right at the back of the chair without pressing the backs of your knees
  • Sit at the back of the chair to use the backrest correctly and support your lumbar
  • If you suffer from lower back pain, look for seats with adjustable depth
seat depth diagram
Backrest/lumbar support
  • Find a chair that has a backrest with the appropriate size and shape
  • It should support your lower and middle back properly 
  • And help you to maintain the natural S-shape of your spine
  • Your arm and shoulders should move freely
backrest and lumbar support diagram
Backrest tilt
  • Allows you to adopt different postures, e.g. upright, or semi-reclined
  • The angle between your thighs and back should be around 95 to 105 degrees
  • Your abdomen and chest should be open and not compressed
  • This posture lets you breathe better, sending more oxygen to your muscles
backrest tilt diagram
Dynamic sitting
  • The longer you work, the more important the chair movement becomes, such as the ability to recline
  • Chair movements depend on your weight, so opt for auto weight adjustment
  • You should be able to maintain good posture without having to exert excessive force
  • If your chair doesn’t feature auto weight, adjust the tension of the backrest
  • You should be in total balance whether you’re upright or leaning back
backrest tilt diagram
  • You need to support the weight of your arms
  • Fixed height armrests are fine for occasional use
  • For extended use, they should adjust, at least in height
  • Height adjustable arms can be lowered to go neatly under the desk
  • Ergonomic chairs allow you to change the width between armrests to suit your body width
  • Armrests shouldn’t prevent you from getting close to your desk - if you end up sitting at the front edge of seat you won’t be able to use the backrest correctly, losing lumbar support
backrest and lumbar support diagram
  • An important feature if you need to reach other parts of your table or desk
  • If the chair doesn’t swivel, you may have to frequently twist your back to reach, which isn’t good for your back health
Seat surface
  • The seat, armrest and backrest should be padded firmly enough to support you
  • It should feel soft enough for you not to feel pressure points, or the hardness of the chair frame, on the base of the two prongs of your pelvis
  • Look for permeable chair covers, so the seat can breathe and minimise the buildup of heat on the seat


Even on an ergonomically correct chair, don’t sit for a long time without a break! Short but frequent breaks are much better for you (both physically and mentally) than one long break after a very long time.


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Choosing your desk

A dedicated office desk makes working, studying or just taking care of paperwork a little easier -
or use your laptop in comfort with a space-saving computer desk.

Bureau, writing desk or workstation
  • Comes with built-in storage
  • Perfect for your living room or a shared area
  • Great for paperwork rather than computing
office bureau
Small desk or laptop side table
  • Ideal if you have limited space
  • Great for using your laptop
  • Clean, simple designs
small desk
Wall, ladder or corner desk
  • Great if you have limited or unusual space available
  • Perfect for clever storage
  • Best for use with a laptop
corner desk
Height adjustable or extendable desk
  • Can be shared by people of different heights
  • Fits your laptop or computer station
  • Suitable for a home office
adjustable desk
Filing desk
  • Ideal if you have a reasonable amount of space
  • Great for using your laptop or for doing paperwork
  • Usually comes with in-built storage
filing desk

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