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Buying the best tv stands & accessories

Choosing a TV accessory

TV accessories can leverage your whole viewing experience.
Whether you want to enhance the sound quality or mount your television to the wall, we sell:

Television stands and wall mounts

What’s best for you?


  • Available in a range of shapes, materials and sizes to suit your requirements

Shop standard TV stands

Stand with bracket

  • Allows you to mount freestanding without attaching to the wallAble to adjust the height of the TV

Shop TV stands with brackets

Media unit

  • Perfect for storing and displaying your t and multiple accessories

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Corner unit

  • Optimise your available space

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Television stands
Standard TV Stand


Available in a range of shapes, materials and sizes to suit your requirements

Stand with Brackets

Stand with bracket

Allows you to adjust the height of the TV and mount freestanding

Media Unit

Media unit

Store your tv and multiple accessories

Corner Unit

Corner unit

Optimise your available space


Screens are measured diagonally, so your TV’s width is a different size. Here are the
widths of our best selling TVs, so you can assess how they will fit on your stand




Toshiba 32L3753DB



Panasonic 40EX700B



Samsung The Frame



Sony Bravia KD49XE8005






Television wall mounts
 Fixed wall mount


Leaves just enough space behind the TV for the cables

 Tilting wall mount


Tilts around 15° vertically so the TV can be placed higher

 Fully articulating mount

Fully articulating

Move to any position - outwards or flat against the wall


When placing a TV on the wall, consider where the cables will run in order to get to the plug socket.


Whether you’re mounting it on the wall or placing it on a stand, think about how far away you will sit from your screen.

TVs are bigger and brighter than ever - if you sit too close you won’t be able to see the full picture, but too far away and you won’t see the impressive detail.

Take the (diagonal) size of your screen, then multiply it by 1.5 – and this is your optimum viewing distance. If your TV is 55", then ideally, your sofa should be 82.5" away.

Cables, aerials and remote controls


To get the best from your TV you'll need to use a HDMI cable when connecting it to receivers, Blu-ray players and games consoles. These all-in-one cables carry sound and video signals in a much neater package than older component type cables.

  • Standard HDMI (1080i, 720p)

The standard HDMI cable can reproduce 1080i video which is high resolution but can contribute to a sense of motion and reduces perceived flicker.


  • Standard HDMI with Ethernet

As above but this standard cable also allows you to network two compatible devices to form a local area network.


  • High Speed HDMI (1080p, 4K, 3D)

The high speed cable allows for full 1080p High Definition output which is compatible with blu-ray, full active 3D and full 4K.


  • High Speed HDMI with Ethernet

As above but with Ethernet capability, this two-in-one HDMI cable also offers support connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network.


  • The best reception is often achieved using a rooftop outdoor aerial rather than an indoor aerial

  • Where this is not practical, consider the product specifications carefully before purchasing

Remote controls

  • Many remote controls are supplied with your choice of television

  • Check that replacement or supplementary controllers are compatible with your existing technology


Check that your TV manufacturer has a remote control app for your smartphone - they often have the same functionality as a remote.

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Make my TV smart

  • A smart TV means that you have internet access enabled
  • Allows you to use online services such as catch-up TV (BBC iPlayer, 4od), On Demand video (Netflix, Amazon Prime), and social media
  • Make your TV smart with external smart device
  • Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast Ultra and nearly all Blu-ray or DVD players have smart functionalities
  • The capacity of the external smart source you require will depend on what you want to get from your television


To make your TV smart you will need to connect your external smart device to your router - either wirelessly over the Wi-Fi or with via an ethernet cable directly plugged in. For a simple setup it’s best that your TV and router are in the same room. You can use a powerline adaptor to connect your TV and router when they are on different floors or at other ends of the house.

TV accessories installation services

We have a number of ways to help you get set up:

Wall Mounting

£125 for standard wall mount. 

Stand assembly

£24.99 for basic models
£44.99 for intermediate models
£69.99 for complex models

TV Recycling


There are a few restrictions on our TV accessories installation services,
so please check these using the link below:

What are my delivery options?

Free standard delivery

FREE Standard delivery on orders over £50.
£3.50 for orders under £50.

We also offer next and named day delivery for an additional fee.

Click & collect

Click & collect is free for orders of £30 and over, or £2 if you spend less.

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Use the correct cleaning products and wipes to keep screens, devices and controllers dust and dirt free.


Can I put my TV on any wall?
  • No - where you mount your TV revolves entirely around the bracket your TV is being fitted to and its compatibility with the type of wall that you have
  • If your wall is made of plasterboard, for example, rather than brick, the TV mount may have to be drilled into the supporting wooden stud, to help take the weight
Are all TV mounts suitable for all walls?
  • No - a number of mounts are designed to be attached to a variety of walls, but some have more specific requirements and can only be attached to one or two types, such as a stud wall
  • Our in-store Partners will be able to advise you on which mounts are best for your needs
Can I choose any mount?
  • No – mounts vary according to VESA size (the four holes on the back of the TV and the distance between them)
  • You’ll need to check that the holes on the back of your TV will align with the prongs on the mount – guides on the packaging of your TV will help you find the correct sized one
Where should I mount it?
  • First consider height – try tacking a piece of paper cut to size to the proposed spot so you can gauge if it will be sat in the correct line of vision
  • Think about acoustics and if there is any room for accessories underneath, such as a Blu-ray player or sound bar
  • Avoid putting your TV above a fireplace – heat and soot can cause damage, and often the positioning is too high, leading to neck strain
Should I buy a flat mount or one I can angle?
  • This depends on the type of wall you have, the aesthetic you’re after, and the lighting in your room
  • Mounts that can be angled are not suitable for plasterboard walls, only solid or stud ones, but flat mounts are compatible with all types
  • If you can only have a flat mount but are worried about the viewing angle of the TV, mounting on tilt brackets can help with this
  • Flat mounts provide a cleaner finish, especially for super-thin TVs that are designed to be inconspicuous
  • If  natural or artificial light will reflect off the screen, consider an angled mount to combat glare
What do I do with cables?
  • Hide these in ‘trunking’ - a thin plastic tube that attaches to the wall under your TV
  • The white tube can be painted to match your existing wall colour

TV accessories guarantee

Some products come with a guarantee; check individual product pages for details.