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Buying a vacuum cleaner

When it's time for a new vacuum cleaner,  this guide will help you decide which type is best for you.

Types of cleaners

Cylinder cleaners

If you...

  • Need to clean hard floors, stairs or upholstery
  • Have a smaller home

Then consider a cylinder vacuum because...

  • They’re small, light and easy to store
  • Offer good suction, especially on upholstery
An example of a cylinder vacuum cleaner
Upright cleaners

If you...

  • Live in a home with large areas of carpet
  • Prefer not to bend as you vacuum
  • Want something more mobile

Then consider an upright vacuum because…

  • As well as suction power, upright cleaners have revolving, belt-driven brushes that help to loosen and sweep up ingrained dirt
An example of n upright vacuum cleaner
Cordless upright cleaners

If you...

  • Live in a home with several levels
  • Want something light and easy to lift
  • Don't have plug sockets in the right places at home

Then consider a cordless upright cleaner (also known as a stick cleaner) because…

  • They allow you to move freely without wires
  • Each charge gives you about 30 - 40 minutes of cleaning time
An example of a cordless upright cleaner
Cordless handheld cleaners

If you…

  • Want to clean the car, stairs or upholstery
  • Need something light and compact
  • Have pets or need to vacuum small spaces regularly, like crumbs under the table

then consider a cordless handheld cleaner.

An example of a cordless handheld cleaner
Steam cleaners

If you...

  • Need to clean rather than vacuum
  • Want to clean hard floors, windows and upholstery
  • Want something that’s kind to the environment

Then consider a steam cleaner because…

  • They work on most surfaces
  • Some models heat up in less than 30 seconds
  • They don't use detergent and rely purely on steam
An example of a steam cleaner
Carpet cleaners

If you…

  • Want to give your carpet a really deep clean or wash
  • Want to prolong the life of your carpet
  • Want to clean upholstery

Then consider a carpet cleaner because…

  • They’re capable of removing dirt and debris that your vacuum can't
  • Leave carpets like new
An example of a steam cleaner
Robot cleaners

If you…

  • Want to avoid the task of vacuuming
  • Live in a larger home
  • Want to save time

Then consider a robot cleaner because…

  • They use an intelligent navigation systems to move around your home and detect dirt
  • You can set up your robot to clean at pre-set times
  • It charges itself
An example of a robot cleaner

Bag or Bagless?



  • Usually cheaper than bagless models

  • Often come with self-sealing bags for easier disposal

  • Often have higher capacity


example of a bagged vacuum cleaner


  • Easier to clean and empty

  • Better for tackling pet hair


  • May be more expensive upfront

  • May not be suitable for allergy sufferers

    Bear in mind you still need to maintain the filter/s either by cleaning or replacing


an example of a bagless cleaner


All cleaners have some form of filtration system. It's important to remove these where appropriate to clean them, as blocked filters can cause a loss in performance of your cleaner.

examples of cleaner filters

Stage filter
These vary between 3 and 7 stages of filtration

Lifetime filter
No need to change the filter during the lifetime of the machine – normally 7 - 10 years, but will need to be washed periodically

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
Also known as S-Class, these retain even the smallest of allergy-causing particles. Look out for machines approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

Charcoal filter
Removes any nasty smells. Particularly suitable if you have pets.

All filters (except Lifetime) will need to be replaced periodically.


Spotless surfaces call for the right tools. Most cleaners come with a range of attachments, or you can buy them separately.

Crevice Tool


A skinny tool
with an angled tip.

Great for:

Tight spots
Skirting boards
Between sofa cushions

Upholstery Brush


A wide tool
with a lint strip

Great for:


Dusting Brush

dusting brush

Soft bristle brush

Great for:

Window sills

Extendable tube

For hard-to-reach areas and high ceilings

Turbo Brush

Often powered separately, for extra suction on cut pile carpets and pet hair. Be sure to clean this regularly to ensure best performance.

Horsehair/parquet brush

For wooden or tiled floors

Steam mops

Often include washable mop pads, which can be replaced or popped into the washing machine

Energy EffIciency

In order to reduce energy costs, EU law requires all vacuums to feature an energy label.

The energy label includes:

  • A maximum power level of  900W

  • A maximum noise level of 80dB

  • Ratings ranging from A+++ through to G

  • How resistant the flexible hose is to splitting or breaking

  • How well the motor stands up to repeated use


We have free delivery options, but if you need your new cleaner in a hurry, with many models you can pay a little extra for next or named day delivery

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery is free for orders over £50, or £3.50 if you spend less. This can be as little as 3 working days, but you’ll be offered delivery slots at checkout.

Click & Collect

Click & collect is free for orders of £30 and over, or £2 if you spend less

Delivery by our approved supplier

Delivery by our approved supplier means the cleaner will be delivered directly by the manufacturer or their chosen courier, and they'll arrange delivery with you.

john lewis vacuum cleaners

Caring for your floor and your cleaner

  • Vacuum carpets regularly to prevent shedding and shading, and to remove the dirt and grit that causes the pile to flatten over time
  • Snip off any pills with scissors
  • Don't use turbo/beater brushes on loop pile carpets or hard flooring, use the suction head only
  • Clean filters regularly; blocked filters and clogged brush heads will affect the cleaner's performance, as will over-full bags or containers


Our 2-year guarantee

All electrical products you buy from us are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years, at no extra cost.