Everything you should take with you when travelling with your baby

Must-have items for travelling with a baby
India Price,-Writer

Heading to sunnier shores with a little one in tow? Here are the must-have items to take with you when travelling with your baby this summer

Travelling with a baby can feel like a daunting prospect – especially if it's your first time. But, like most things, being over-prepared is all you need to set you up for success. The first thing to make peace with: your routine may not run as smoothly on holiday as it does at home but (repeat after me) that's okay. Instead of focusing on the bits that you won't have with you (a favourite oversized teddy, their at-home changing set-up), put together a list of things that are realisitc to take – whether you're doing an English roadtrip or a long-haul flight.

From packaway prams and a travel cot they'll sleep soundly in, to portable white noise machines and blackout blinds that you can pop up anywhere, plus sheets, sleeping bags, something new and shiny to keep them excited on the journey, here are all the things I'd pack if I was going away tomorrow. I'm no expert, but I have carted my toddler around on many planes, trains and automobiles. Oh, and don't forget a spare pair of clothes in your backpack – for both of you – just incase there are bumps in the road. 

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