Charlotte Tilbury’s five minute facial massage is a complexion-boosting wonder workout

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Lyndsay Conway,-Editor

Wouldn't it be great to have a facial every day? Well now you can, thanks to this quick routine from Charlotte Tilbury

The benefits of regular facials are (almost) endless: instant plumping, reduced toxins and fluid retention, clearer pores, a complexion properly prepped for skincare… need we go on? Although it sounds ideal, the cost of a daily facial would be a bit much for most of us to sustain. Which is why an at-home facial massage is the answer to all of this and more. Regularly massaging your face at home can also boost collagen production, tighten the jaw and slim the face. Totally sold? Then let one of our favourite make-up artists and creator of some of the most amazing make-up and skincare around at the moment, Charlotte Tilbury, talk you through her five minute massage to get your blood flowing and skin glowing...

One of Charlotte’s insider secrets to getting the best from your skin, this five minute massage can be done when you put your moisturiser on in the morning, or extended at night for a more in-depth treatment. A good skincare routine is essential not only to keep skin looking its best, but to create a smooth base to apply make-up. If skin isn’t fully hydrated, your foundation won’t look as flawless as it could do.

Charlotte applies her Magic Cream before following these steps, but for a longer massage, use a cleansing balm, like Charlotte’s Multi-Miracle Glow to keep the skin supple throughout the routine. 

Facial massage: step one

Begin by applying cream to the tips of the middle three fingers on each hand. Blend into your cheeks starting from the lower cheek, near the mouth, in a sweeping motion up and out. Repeat this move, travelling up the face to stimulate blood flow. To blend in the excess and decongest puffed up cheeks, tap the area with your fingertips in a pitter-patter motion, starting from the top of the cheekbone and working down. This is known as the Tilbury Tap!

Step two: define your cheekbones

Place your forefingers under your cheekbones, starting at the nose. Push upwards, into your bone structure and outwards, smoothing your fingers along your cheekbones and finishing at your ear. Repeat three times.

Step three: define your jaw

Using your thumb and forefinger gently pinch your jawline, two seconds per pinch, moving along the jawline from your chin outwards. Finish by running your thumb and forefinger along your jaw again, in a sweeping motion, to smooth out skin.

Step four: help wrinkles appear smoother and reduce furrows

Apply cream to the tips of the middle three fingers of each hand again. Starting from the middle of the forehead, massage the cream into the skin in three circular motions, moving outwards towards the temples. Use the Tilbury Tap to pat in any excess cream with your ring finger. This will help stimulate microcirculation. 

Step five: relax!

Apply light pressure on your temples for five seconds to finish the massage. Now. Ready to take on the world?

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