Get (almost) effort-free sun protection from makeup with SPF benefits

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Cassie Steer,-Beauty Editor

SPF is an essential part of your skincare regime, even when the sun isn’t shining. Add an extra later of protection to your skin with these multitasking bases

Sunscreen is the fundamental, non-negotiable, desert island (and urban throng) beauty product that we all need come rain or shine. But while it continues to serve as our first line of defence against the sun’s harmful UV rays, it doesn’t hurt to double up on safeguarding our skin. That’s where makeup with added SPF sun protection comes into play.

We love a multi-tasking product, especially one that’s all about supporting skin health, and this new batch of SPF-enhanced cosmetics not only beautify, they actively protect too. Many, in fact, undergo the same rigorous testing as the regular sun protection creams you take to the beach.

So why can’t we just skip the sunscreen and head straight to our makeup bags? The main reason is application. Most of us won’t be putting on our foundation at the required thickness to offer maximum protection and reapplying it throughout the day. Also, not all makeup with added SPF contains UVA protection, which defends against ageing and skin cancers.

The upshot? There’s no such thing as too much protection and, while makeup will never be a replacement for sunscreen, it’s a prettifying topcoat that is particularly handy in the form of a lip balm or lipstick – an area often neglected when it comes to sun protection.

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