How to choose an anniversary gift your loved-one will cherish

anniversary gift ideas
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Looking for an anniversary gift? Here’s a special edit of perfect presents for each important milestone

Anniversaries – they come just once a year and yet can create all sorts of conundrums when it comes to gift choosing. You want to find something appropriate within your budget that will wow your loved-one and make them feel like your number one human. And it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

‘For me it's important to celebrate anniversaries as they can be a great reason to bring friends and families together – even if that’s just virtually. They are an opportunity to reflect and be thankful and to look back on what has happened over the years,’ says Sara Allbright, Partner & Buyer, Gifts and Candle shop. ‘Plus it can be great to reminisce about the event itself, maybe get out the photos and videos.’

Think traditional, think personal

‘For wedding anniversaries the traditional list [see below] is a great place to start as it will give you the material or colour to focus on and make choosing a gift easier,’ says Sara. 'Referring to the traditional list will help give you direction, but you can still have fun with the theme.’ For example, year three is leather which opens up a wealth of possibilities from a classic leather wash bag to a coveted new pair of boots or a sleek wallet, while silk for year 12 could mean a luxe silk pillowcase, silk tie or eye mask

‘As an alternative to the traditional list, you could think about giving someone the gift of time like a gift experience,’ says Sara. ‘Tap into something that could become a shared interest or hobby for the recipients. Or just something to share together like a hamper.’ 

And for that all important first anniversary? Paper could mean a lovely journal, stationery or vouchers. Equally, it might be a hand-written note or framed sketch. As with all anniversary gift buying, the trick is to keep it personal. ‘One of my favourite anniversary gifts was paper for our first anniversary. My husband bought concert tickets for my favourite band,’ says designer Emma Jacobs. ‘It was so thoughtful and something we could both enjoy as a couple.’

Wedding anniversary gifts by year

1 – paper            2 – cotton                3 – leather           
4 – flowers         5 – wood                  6 – sugar             
7 – copper          8 – bronze                9 – pottery/willow         
10 – tin               11 – steel                  12 – silk               
13 – lace             14 – gold (jewellery)   15 – crystal        
20 – china          25 – silver                 30 – pearl            
40 – ruby           50 – gold                  60 – diamond

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