This year’s best advent calendars

best advent calendars 2020
Samantha Simmonds,-Digital Writer

From truffles to jewellery and socks to LEGO, there’s an advent calendar out there for every member of the family

Advent calendars: providing us with an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast since 1971 (or at least that's when Cadbury's produced their first one). If that’s your primary reason for getting out of bed on a cold December morning, we’re not judging. From Charbonnel et Walker’s luxurious truffles to Hotel Chocolat’s vegan-friendly 70% dark treats, there's a chocolate advent calendar out there to suit all tastes.

But if you're looking for something a little different, you have more choice than ever. For kids, there’s everything from dinosaur-themed charms to Harry Potter LEGO. Alternatively, you could give a little back with a charity calendar – 85% of the proceeds from sales of Advent of Change’s charity advent calendars goes straight to the 24 charities they support. Each time they open a door, your child will find out where that day’s donation has gone – they might have helped someone clean up some litter, or given a hot meal to a homeless child.

For adults, there are luxury beauty products, quirky socks and even jewellery. Our Jewellery Advent Calendar includes 22 stunning pieces of gold and silver-plated pieces made with semi-precious stones like amethyst, pearl, rose quartz and onyx. And let's not forget the pets. Rosewood's Luxury Advent Calendar for Cats is packed with heart-shaped treats for your furry friend. Or why not get creative and fill your own? The festive season starts here.

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