How to style your bed this season

How to dress a bed
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

The change of season is the perfect time to refresh your bed as you style a dream retreat from the world

Just as we’re changing our wardrobes as warmer weather arrives, our bedrooms – and particularly our beds – could use a similar approach. Pack away those heavy fabrics, base layers and darker colours, and instead bring in pale shades, natural textures and lightweight essentials to give everything a fresh new style.‘

The key factor when thinking about your bedroom should be its ability to help you escape the pressure of the day and get a restorative night’s sleep,’ says Fionnuala Johnston, Partner & Senior Designer, Home. ‘A palette of warm neutrals connects us to nature, which has a soothing effect when used in our bedrooms. Our Natural Scandinavian trend has some beautiful Scandi style bed linen and accessories.’

How to dress a bed

Get the basics right

Snuggling under a winter duvet might have been bliss in January, but now’s the time to swap to a lighter-weight one as the nights lose their chill. If you have an all-season duvet, you are probably sleeping under the thicker half, usually 9.5 tog, so try swapping to the 4.5 tog. For summer, 2.5-tog to 7-tog duvets are perfect. Read our guide to duvets and pillows to find out more. 

If you are looking to replace your pillows, then check out our exclusive Earth Kind pillow, which is made from reclaimed natural down. Pre-loved pillows and duvets containing feather and down fillings are reclaimed, sorted and cleaned. After a thorough check to remove fine feather and down, the material is sterilised and heat-treated before being repurposed into a brand new premium blend. This process gives the filling a softer and quieter texture.

It’s also worth giving your existing pillows a spring clean. Many can be washed at home so put them in the machine in pairs and run on a delicate cycle before hanging up to air dry. Treat your pillows to new protectors – think of them like underwear. If you’re too embarrassed to peg them on the washing line, then it’s time to buy new!

Mattress protectors or toppers can also revitalise a tired mattress – if you get hot at night, try a temperature-regulating one.

How to dress a bed

Bring in a touch of softness

Take a look at some of the softer, barely-there bed linen colours – there are plenty of subtle patterns that will give your bedroom a new look. Try a soft stripe or go for a beautiful leaf design inspired by nature. There are also great linen duvet covers with a hint of colour – such as blush pink, sage green or blue-grey. 

Fitted sheets and pillowcases are perfect for experimenting with too. ‘Layering in the bedroom is all about building up different colours and textures’ says Fionnuala.

How to dress a bed

Swap blankets for lightweight throws and bedspreads

No bed is complete without a throw – while a chunky knit blanket might feel too heavy as we head into spring/summer, there are plenty of lighter alternatives you can use to layer up your bed. Think natural – washed cotton, soft lambswool and linen mixes – while frayed edging adds to a simple, yet inviting look.

How you style your throw is key – this look is about creating a relaxed, inviting space that’s not regimented. Try tucking one throw over the lower two-thirds of your duvet cover, giving a neat base, then artfully drape a second throw over the middle third, allowing it to ruche in soft folds. 

How to dress a bed

Add those finishing touches

Play to your other senses, creating a well-rounded relaxing space, which will become an oasis of calm. Give your bedroom a signature fragrance, whether from a scented candle, reed diffuser or a few drops of essential oil on your pillow in the early evening. Block out visual distractions with a sleep mask, while a SAD light will help you wake up feeling ready for anything. Foliage – whether real or faux – provides a welcome connection to the natural world. Bliss…

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