5 ways to keep your home warm this winter

How to keep home warm
Editorial Team

On the hunt for cost-effective ways to keep your home warm, without having your heating on 24/7? Here are 5 ways to keep things as cosy as possible this winter

1. Consider moving your furniture around

It might sound extreme, but it can make a genuine difference. Have a think about where your current furniture sits and how drafty it feels because of a window or door or, indeed, whether you're blocking an essential radiator. Moving sofas, dining tables or even beds around their respective rooms can make all the difference when it comes to retaining heat. 

2. Invest in blackout blinds or thermal lining

As the nights draw in and the blinds and curtains start getting closed earlier and earlier, it’s worth thinking about investing in either blackout blinds or curtains with thermal lining. While these are an initial expense, they will undoubtedly pay off in the long run – keeping any draft out of your room will help negate the need to pop the heating on. Whatever you’re considering, our team can help

3. Put foil behind your radiators. Yes, really

One viral suggestion that you’ve likely seen all over the internet is the idea of putting radiator-reflector foil behind your radiator as a way of making sure that heat is being reflected around the room, rather than being lost into the behind it. Does it work? We’ve yet to try it but with the number of people getting behind the theory, it’ll be the first thing we do as soon as the temperature drops. 

4. Install a draft excluder

Tiny changes are often the ones with the biggest impact and a draft excluder is certainly no exception. Pop one on your front door and any other door in your house that you’ve noticed lets in a pesky draft and you'll be amazed at what a difference it can make. 

5. Try a heated blanket on for size

While it does still use electricity, consider using an electric blanket in place of your heating. Look out for specific product claims on how much money they cost to run – this could make a significant difference in your energy bill costs. This Dreamland version claims to only cost 1p a night to run, which is amazing. 

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