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Helen Stone,-Interiors Writer

Good food and great company are the stuff of life, and ANYDAY Cook and ANYDAY Dine can help feed the table in style

It feels great to be laying the table for guests again. Whether you’re a star cook or the ace host known for rustling up something simple but always sending guests home happy, it’s fantastic to be back sharing meals again.

As any cook knows, the art of making dinner lies in the prep. Some may love the theatre and drama of chopping, poaching and searing in front of their diners but the more mundane tasks such as scrubbing veggies are definitely best done ahead. Embrace the methodical rhythm of prep and enjoy that mindful time on your own – many a busy exec lets go of the day’s stresses by preparing something delicious to eat. 

ANYDAY dine, prep

Perfectly prepped

If your kitchen kit is beginning to look a little tired, consider a few updates. When was the last time you updated your chopping boards, for instance? Ideally have separate boards for fruit and veg, cooked foods, and raw meat and fish, and take time to clean them thoroughly after each use ­– a dishwasher cycle of 65°C or higher can be your best food safety friend here.

If you’ve been busy exploring new cuisines of late, you might want to invest in a few extra pieces such an extra wok for stirfries or cake tins for those sweet treats. ANYDAY Cook has great kitchen options at budget-friendly prices from utensils such as wooden spoons and spatulas to bakeware, knives (in-store only), pots and pans

Considering a gift for the foodie you love? An appropriate pan or dish with some fun utensils, quality ingredients and a printout of a favourite recipe is sure to bring happiness.


ANYDAY serveware

Make it delicious

So what’s on the menu tonight? A speedy mid-week feast for friends can be as much fun as a carefully crafted meal at the weekend. Feel like you haven’t got the time? Keep things fresh with quality ingredients that can be on the plate in minutes, leaving you free to relax with your guests. Looking for inspiration? Our partners at Waitrose are constantly adding to their delicious collections of seasonal recipes


Serve in style

Pro kitchens boast stacks of assorted plates and dishes to suit any menu but who needs this at home? A decent set of  china from ANYDAY Dine supplemented with a crowd-pleaser such as a set of pasta bowls will cover most cuisines. Colourful glazed stoneware continues to be popular – pair it with coloured glassware and add a pop of colour from bright linens too.

Take time to set the table, adding fresh flowers and plumping up cushions on seats – you want to be sitting comfortably when the conversation is flowing. Select your soundtrack in advance and get the lighting just right. Floor lamps can give soft pools of light on the periphery and put the kitchen (complete with washing up) completely out of the frame.

With dinner served, there’s nothing more to do than savour the food, enjoy the company and relish catching up on all that you’ve missed


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