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On trial: Bosch Series 6 energy-saving dishwasher

Jess Spiring,-Deputy Editor

The Bosch Series 6 could save you almost £250 on bills – while getting your dishes sparklingly clean and totally dry

John Lewis has lots of energy-saving appliances signposted with colour-coded energy rating and YourEko scores, which are an independent analysis of how much money a product could save you based on average weekly use and the likely length of time you’ll own it.

The Bosch Series 6 SMS6ZCW00G Freestanding Dishwashing scores extremely well for both (rated C for energy, with an estimated lifetime saving of £247). But did it make the grade while on trial in my busy family household?

Will everything fit in the Bosch Series 6?

Bosch has engineered this dishwasher with flexibility in mind, with a cutlery drawer (rather than the usual basket) that has ample room for silverware and utensils, as well as shallow crockery such as espresso cups and cat bowls. 

The middle drawer is mounted using the Rackmatic system that allows it to move up and down by 5cm – I like that it’s super easy to adjust even when full. Both this rack and the bottom one have foldable dividers to accommodate odd-shaped items.


How easy is it to install?

Installation couldn’t be quicker or easier. Given that I know nothing about dishwashers, replacing my old one with this was an absolute walk in the park. Attach the hoses, plug it in, done.

What is Zeolith technology?

One innovation that makes using the Bosch Series 6 a dream is the fact that everything is totally dry at the end of a cycle. This is due to Zeolith technology which uses warm air to dry everything thoroughly, especially useful if you wash a lot of plastic items like Tupperware and baby bottles.

What is Home Connect?

Connect your dishwasher to your phone or Alexa device using the Home Connect app which allows you to monitor the programmes, keep tabs on your dishwasher tablets, speed up a wash, switch on the child lock or activate quiet mode. At first I thought this was over-engineered, but I’ve logged in more than I expected to see how long was left on a wash, for example.

What other special features does it have?

I was particularly excited about the special fitting that allows you to wash baking trays. Simply remove the middle rack, add a special round spray head to the back wall, then stack your oversized trays in the bottom rack for a thorough cleaning. Genius.

What do the buttons mean?

Eco 50º (Run time: 4 hours) A lower temperature means this programme uses less energy but takes a little longer.

Auto 45º-65º (Run time: 2hrs 25mins) Detectors in the drain gauge how dirty your tableware is and adjust the temperature automatically.

Intensive 70º (Run time: 2hrs 45mins) A higher temperature tackles heavy-duty grease and stains.

Express 60º (Run time: 1hr 35mins) A mid-temperature cycle but a shorter running time – great when you have guests.

Silence 50º (Run time: 4hrs 5m) A super quiet cycle that’s ideal for open-plan homes.

Favourite Use this button to tell the machine which is your preferred programme.

You can also reduce run time using the SpeedPerfect+ button either at the start of a wash or halfway through (shortening the running time of any programme by 15-75%).

What is Machine Care?

The a Machine Care function alerts you every 30 washes to deep-clean your dishwasher. Simply add the special detergent, set the Machine Care programme running and in 90 minutes germs and bacteria are washed away, keeping your appliance in tip-top condition.


Is the Bosch Series 6 quiet?

This dishwasher features Silence Ecodrive, which essentially means the motor runs incredibly quietly, earning it a Quiet Mark certification. Even while running everyday programmes this is a very quiet dishwasher and ‘silence mode’ is even more impressive.

Will it save me money?

By circulating water more efficiently when it cleans, this dishwasher needs less water, driving down bills whichever programme you use.

It’s energy effiecient too. The YourEko energy-saving tool estimates the Series 6 will save you £247, based on using it five times a week for 11 years with energy costing 29p per kWh.

Is it worth it?

This dishwasher gets everything spotless first time and even the plastic recycling and Tupperware come out dry so don’t have to sit out on the drainer overnight. I’ve yet to find something in my kitchen that can’t be fitted inside, even roasting trays. And it’s saving me money all the time.

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