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Want to start 2023 with better sleep? Try this weighted blanket

Lucy Scott,-Contributing Editor

All you need to know about the weighted blanket of dreams (which will last all night long thanks to the peaceful sleep you’re enjoying)

What is it?

We’re sure you’ve heard of weighted blankets. They’ve been around for years but have recently had a surge in popularity because, let’s face it, we all just want a good night’s sleep. There are two types of weighted blanket on the market: a duvet style with quilted pockets filled with noiseless glass beads or ball bearings; and a knitted weighted blanket made from a dense material.  

If you’ve never used a weighted blanket before, the advice is to look for one that’s approximately 10% of your body weight so you feel comforted, not crushed. It’s also worth mentioning that some people should steer clear of them including young kids, pregnant women and anyone with asthma or sleep apnoea. 

For the rest of us, let’s tuck in. 

Why do you need one?

Well, the benefits are vast. Firstly, weighted blankets are comforting and cosy on these cold nights and, secondly, they look chic draped over the bed by day. The Sleep Foundation states that the weight of the blanket is designed to mimic something called deep pressure therapy, which triggers your body to release the ‘happy hormones’ serotonin and dopamine. Because of this, a lot of people find a weighted blanket can help soothe anxiety, reduce insomnia and encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.

Along with that, studies suggest a weighted blanket can be beneficial for people who have high stress levels or live with certain conditions, including the menopause, autism, anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What makes this weighted blanket so special?

This dreamy option is made from supersoft velvet and has quilted pockets filled with glass beads. Those pockets mean the weight of the blanket is distributed evenly over your body, rather than just gathering down in one heavy corner. It looks like a really stylish throw that would suit any bed or sofa and the outer cover is removable so you can machine wash it – a big bonus.

The blanket is available as 7kg or 9kg. If you’re a total weighted-blanket-novice, like my husband and me, start with the 7kg blanket to check if you’re a fan of the sensation, which is very different to being under a normal duvet. 

Weighted blankets don’t come cheap and many of them start around the £200 mark, which also makes this one great value for money.

The metrics that matter
Ease of useNo complicated instructions here! Open the packet, chuck it on your bed and you’re good to go (to sleep). You might need to play around to see if you prefer the weighted blanket on top of your existing duvet or just on top of your bed sheet. I can also recommend dragging it on to the sofa with you in the evening…
ResultsI need the most ridiculous conditions for a decent night’s sleep – pitch black, total silence. Even then I toss and turn and wake up a lot. I don’t know if it was psychosomatic, but I’ve had a week of fantastic sleep. I don’t move around as much and if I do wake in the night, the blanket keeps me still long enough to drop off again.
The ultimate present As we mentioned, they’re not cheap. But if you wanted to splash out on a gift for someone you love, you can’t really beat giving the gift of a brilliant night’s sleep.

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