Introducing Coco de Mer

Charli Howard Coco de Mer
Lucy Scott,-Senior Editor

The luxury brand championing female empowerment has landed at John Lewis. To celebrate, we caught up with CEO Lucy Litwack and model Charli Howard

Since it was founded in 2001, Coco de Mer has been chipping away at taboos around sensuality. Its goal has been to shine a light on the power, potential and importance of female pleasure, through provocative lingerie and a range of innovative luxury toys, lubricants and oils.

To mark the arrival of Coco de Mer at John Lewis, we spoke to CEO Lucy Litwack and model Charli Howard, who was chosen to be a Coco de Mer brand icon because of her tireless work towards making the fashion industry more inclusive.

Lucy, Charli, we’re delighted to partner with you for the launch of a sexual wellness department at John Lewis. How has the landscape changed since Coco de Mer launched in 2001? 

Lucy: Pleasure isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and it can be life-changing. It’s one of the true gifts of being a woman. Our capacity to experience it is innate, universal and human – it’s never too late to start exploring its extraordinary possibilities.

This has been a challenging few years for many, but it has highlighted something that we have always believed – the importance of self-love and pleasure to a happy life.

Charli: I started working with Lucy late last year and was amazed at the brand she’s built. At its core is female empowerment. We discussed how to work together and combine positivity in all different realms, including body positivity, charity work and female sexuality as a whole – all of which is important to your wellness and wellbeing. 

You’re a huge advocate of championing women in all their forms, Charli, and Coco de Mer is known for embracing all body shapes. What’s it like to work with them?

Charli: It’s amazing because it’s an all-female team, from the producers to makeup artists, stylists, hair people and photographers. It makes a real difference on set. It’s hard to explain it but the way the images look afterwards is also completely different to when it’s a male photographer. The Coco de Mer shoots are sensual whereas with men it’s often more sexualised.

For the recent Icons Redefined shoot, supermodel Helena Christensen was the photographer and that was an amazing experience. She’s so down to earth despite having this amazing career and she made me feel so comfortable.

It’s amazing to buy yourself lingerie and embrace the empowerment that gives you. It shouldn’t just be about wearing it for a partner

Charli Howard,-author and model
Lucy Litwack

Give the gift of pleasure, says Coco de Mer’s Lucy Litwack

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what should women be self-gifting this year?

Lucy: Give the gift of pleasure! We want to empower women to prioritise pleasure and experience the infinite delights it can bring. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, sensual gift for a friend or a lover, or simply wish to indulge yourself, our luxurious toys and wellness products are certain to evoke all kinds of romance. Share the love this Valentine’s and give the gift of pleasure.

Charli: I think it’s amazing to buy yourself lingerie and embrace the empowerment that gives you. It shouldn’t just be about wearing lingerie for a partner, it should be about buying it and wearing it for yourself.

If people are a little hesitant about buying a toy, are there other items you’d recommend? 

Lucy: Absolutely. We have a collection of luxurious lubricants, massage oils and candles, alongside our famous Pure Delight Orgasm Balm. Each product is carefully crafted with invigorating fragrances to seduce the senses and produce stimulating sensations. The beautifully designed amber bottles will look perfect on your bathroom shelf with all your other beauty products – no one would have any idea what they contain.

If you do opt for a toy, ours come presented in a luxury vegan leather carry case in our sumptuous shade of chocolate, embossed with rose gold detailing and an inner drawstring bag, with a Coco de Mer charging cable in matching chocolate brown. 

Charli: I absolutely love the Rose and Sandalwood Massage Candle – it smells delicious.

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