Your essential home gym kit

your capsule home gym kit
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Stylish sportswear and equipment you’ll actually use

The past few years have made many of us reconsider our gym memberships and look at ways to work out at home instead. It’s easier to get into than you’d think and it doesn’t have to involve a whole new wardrobe or load of equipment piled up in the garage/spare room/study.

Start with some multitasking sportswear and a few key accessories – wrist or ankle weights will make any workout more challenging. 

Resistance bands will help you activate your glutes before a run and add resistance for a targeted lower body workout without weights, while gliding core discs challenge your abs, boosting balance and stability.

Starter kit for yoga at home

yoga block can provide extra support to help you ease into the poses, while a yoga towel gives a little extra grip – perfect for tricky postures. A yoga mat can make certain poses more comfortable, while yoga or barre socks are great for slippery floors and chilly feet. 

Best recovery workout kit

Your muscles, heart and lungs adapt and grow stronger when you rest between workouts, and recovery time also helps you avoid injury. Therabody massagers can give deep, targeted treatement even in hard-to-reach areas (plus they feel amazing). 

If you’ve got outdoor space, now’s the time to invest in an influencer-approved Lumi Therapy ice bath. This insulated pod keeps water at a steady (cold) temperature while easing muscle pain to help recovery and lowering blood pressure. Build up your time and reduce the temperature slowly over a few weeks – and don’t forget to post it on Instagram.

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