Wellness Thing of the Week: Chilly’s Series 2 Black Bottle

Chilly's Series 2 Black Bottle
Rebecca Knight

Hydration matters. This stylish and long-lasting bottle will make drinking water a positive pleasure

Do you need an incentive to consume more H2O? Look no further than the stylish and sleek Chilly’s Series 2 Black Bottle. Not only will you always have refreshingly cold water to hand, but you’ll also cut the need for single use plastic bottles in the process. What better way to kickstart your wellbeing than by committing to stay hydrated throughout the day, while also reducing your impact on the environment at the same time? It’s a win-win we can definitely get on board with.

Not just a water bottle

Created in 2010, the Chilly’s wanted to reduce the need for buying bottled water without making people compromise on the temperature of their thirst-quenching drink. The goal was to merge modern style with high performance technology, creating a convenient flask that lasts for year after year. They succeeded. Fitting in with active urban lifestyles, Chilly’s makes hydration that little bit more convenient.

Chilly's Series 2 Black Bottle

What makes Series 2 different?

With plenty of reusable bottles on the market it can be hard to choose which one suits you. But there are plenty of reasons why Chilly’s Series 2 makes a great pick. Evolving from the original, Series 2 still promises to keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, but it also comes with new and improved design features. Note the handy carry loop for easy grab and go, the antimicrobial drinking collar perfectly shaped for sipping and the new rubber base, a satisfying change that means the end of every sip is no longer announced with a clang as you put your bottle down.

Hydration matters

When there are a million and one things to do, it’s easy to forget that the adult human body is made up of roughly two thirds water and that – just like fuel for a car – it needs refilling to function at its best. The NHS recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, making keeping chilled H20 close to hand all the more important.

The best part? Refills are free, straight from the tap.

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