The 22-piece Gorpcore toolkit for an off-grid summer

The 22-piece Gorpcore toolkit for an off-grid summer
Henry Tobias Jones,-Editor

This summer is all about going fully Gorpcore. We’re talking off-grid camping, no IG stories. Just you in a tent with a cooking stove wearing £3,000 worth of probably impractical, but utterly desirable outdoors-inspired apparel

The term Gorpcore – coined by The Cut in 2017 – comes from the American shorthand for trail mix: ‘Good ’ol raisins and peanuts’. Think hiking gear, then just keep adding pockets until whatever you are wearing becomes slightly impractical.

To live the Gorpcore fantasy you need to get out of towns and cities and put that utility wear back into its natural environment: the wilderness. We’ve created this toolkit for the ultimate act of summer escapism. Not all of the gear we’ve selected would get the Bear Grylls stamp of approval, but it’s a serious look nonetheless.


Easy Camp yurt

The fact that Easy Camp themselves describe this as ‘sleeping up to six glampers’ says it all. It is glam enough for the urban camper, but the word yurt just has that professional sound, doesn’t it? Outside of Mongolia, who could explain the difference between a yurt and a tent anyway?


Outwell inflatable camping mat

Off-grid doesn’t mean you have to lie in the dirt like an animal. A camping mat is that last basic bit of comfort you shouldn’t leave home without. This one from Outwell has a slim profile and comes in a range of sizes and colours.


Vango inflatable pitching pump

Being Gorpcore is about simultaneously having all the gear for a 48-hour off-grid wild man hike, but somehow also looking as though you’d start to cry the minute you left the national park car park because you just know you’re out of your depth. As such, you probably aren’t going to blow up your own mattress. No judgement. That’s what this inflatable pitching pump is for bro.


Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker

Depending on your commitment to the core. This is an option. A slick Bose Revolve+ is off-grid summer boy suitable. It’s water resistant but it also looks slick AF. However, the Sony XDR-P1 DAB radio is there for the heavyweights. Wanting to look like you are too off-grid to know who Drake is is cool, but when you are at the mercy of the BBC Radio disc jockeys you may have to accept you’ll be listening to a lot of talkSPORT.


Le Labo Thé Noir 29 shower gel

Off-grid means washing will either be a flannel job, fashioning some kind of a cold-water shower system or just wild stream bathing. Rough and ready, bracing but by no means should your beauty routine suffer as a consequence. Pack Le Labo shower gel and do your best.


Gramicci short-sleeve tee

Gramicci is probably one of the coolest menswear brands at John Lewis right now. This tee has their logo prominently printed on the chest which means people will see you have great taste. Beyond that obvious benefit, it’s just a really great shirt for summer.


On Cloudtrax hiking boots

On is a newcomer, but they are heavyweight in the world of performance wear. Made with all the precision of a Swiss watch (On is also a product of Switzerland), the Cloudtrax men’s hiking boots offer the right blend of beautiful practicality.


Helly Hansen 7l dry bag

A dry bag is a must and this Helly Hansen one was designed for boat life so you know it can hack it in the real world. Digital detoxing is great, but you need somewhere safe to store the phone you’re pretending not to look at.


Stanley cooler box

Stanley has been around for 100+ years and they invented the vacuum insulated flask. This is a pedigree cooler. A capacity of 29.5L is designed to store 40 cans of whatever you are drinking and ‘even under sweltering conditions’ it’ll keep food and drink cool for four days.


Outwell 1 burner gas stove

The gas burner is like a safety net for off-gridders who aren’t quite ready for the full mountain man life. Easy to cook on and zero faffing around with kindling and matches. This isn’t a dystopian movie, leave the macho stuff to the preppers, we just want a nice meal in the countryside.


John Lewis BBQ basket

Look man, you are a rural aesthete retreating from urban life to reconnect with nature. You are probably going to get bored and try to start a fire. If you succeed (big if), your next thought is 100% going to be: ‘I should cook something’. This stainless steel BBQ basket is the kit you’ll use.

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