Cooking appliances

Installation costs

We'll disconnect your old appliance (regardless of fuel type), connect your new one, and give you a basic demonstration of your new appliance. We'll remove and dispose of all packaging responsibly

Built-in electric/gas oven - £90/£100
Freestanding electric/gas/dual fuel cooker - £75/£85/£100
Electric or induction/gas hob - £90/£100
Barbecue assembly- £40 (assembled pre-delivery)

Disposal costs

We'll take care of the heavy lifting for you and dispose of the old appliance responsibly

Built-in electric/gas oven - £20
Freestanding electric/gas/dual fuel cooker - £20
Electric or induction/gas hob - £20

Before you buy, check:


  • Make sure there's an electricity and/or gas supply within 1m of the installation's intended location. 
  • If moving from electric to gas, the gas supply must have been prepared
  • Ensure you have the correct amp power supply for your new appliance
  • Check the cooker isolation switch is accessible


  • Ensure that the new product dimensions fit in your chosen location
  • For integrated or semi-integrated installations, make sure your kitchen units are able to house the new appliance, as we don't offer carpentry work to modify units
  • If you're having a hob installed, check it will fit in the space allocated, as we can only make minor alterations to extend holes in wooden worktops
  • For a hob or cooker, check the space around the heat source is in line with the recommended dimensions
  • We'll only fit your new cooker or hob if there's a clearance of at least 65cm for a gas hob or 50cm for an electric hob
  • The side and rear space required around a hob is generally 5cm

Before we deliver:

Remove any flammable materials from behind the heat source, for example wallpaper or formica.For disposal, if you aren't using our installation service, please disconnect and move your current appliance from the electricity/gas supplies

Additional information

  • If you're in flat or shared home, the product must have a flame failure safety device (information available when purchasing the appliance).
  • If you have a conservatory to the rear of your kitchen, this must have an air brick in the wall or additional ventilation.
  • Our installation team will have to temporarily interrupt your gas supply to allow a safe installation, so we'll endeavour to restart any gas appliances in your home. However, we're not responsible for any appliance that fails to restart, including central heating and gas boilers.
  • We're unable to offer installation to certain postcodes Our installation and disposal services are subject to availability.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees, or anyone working on our behalf.

Barbecue assembly

For £40, we'll assemble your new barbecue before we deliver it so that you can get cooking straight away.

  • Please check the product page to see if the service is available on your chosen barbecue
  • Make sure we can access the location for the barbecue when we deliver
  • You'll need to attach a gas bottle or add charcoal yourself
  • We'll remove and dispose of all packaging responsibly

Delivery exclusions

  • Installation, disposal and recycling services are not available in conjunction with express delivery
  • We're unable to offer this service to all postcodes - check here
  • Not all suppliers offer disposal for range cookers, and this will usually be like for like; so if you're buying a conventional cooker, we won't be able to offer disposal of your old range cooker
  • If the product is coming directly from a supplier, installation isn’t always offered online. You can check if the service is available by calling 0345 604 8835 to purchase