Waste electrical, electronic equipment (WEEE) and battery recycling

The Waste Electrical Regulations 2007 aim to reduce the quantity of waste electrical and electronic equipment and increase its reuse, recovery and recycling, enabling members of the public to deposit old electrical and electronic items at recycling sites free of charge.

From 30 October 2020, along with all other electrical retailers, we’re offering this free recycling service for items you’re able to return to our shops.

Why should I recycle?

Unwanted electrical equipment is the UK’s fastest-growing type of waste. Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If not recycled, electrical equipment will often end up in landfill where hazardous substances can leak out and cause soil and water contamination, which can harm wildlife and human health.

Will you accept my old product for recycling?

As a producer and distributor of electrical and electronic equipment, we’re pleased to enable you to recycle your old electrical items when buying a new like-for-like item from any John Lewis & Partners shop.

How does it work?

The item you wish to return and recycle doesn’t have to have been originally purchased from us (either online or in store), but it must be of an equivalent type and size to the new product you’re buying.

Please make sure the item you’re returning  is clean and dry, and that any personal data has been removed from its memory - follow the instructions to restore to factory settings.

Once you’ve made your new purchase, please take your old item to either the Customer Collection Point or the Tech Support Desk in store for recycling.

How will I know whether the new products I buy can be recycled?

All new electrical and electronic products sold now carry a ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ symbol to help you identify which products are recyclable (or should be considered for repair or reuse).

Do you offer a collection service for large electrical products?

We’ll continue to offer a collection service for large electrical appliances when you buy a new one. There is a small charge for this service. Please ask in store for more details, or find out more here

Please be aware that the new regulations don’t entitle you to free collection of WEEE from your home. Visit www.recyclenow.com or contact your local council to locate your nearest recycling site for WEEE if you need to recycle an appliance yourself.

How can I recycle my used batteries?

Everything from AA and AAA batteries, to mobile phone batteries and button cells used in hearing aids and watches, can be deposited for recycling using facilities in all our shops. You don't have to have purchased new batteries or battery-containing products to be able to recycle your old ones.

We're only able to accept portable batteries that can be easily hand-carried for recycling. Other batteries, including automotive and industrial batteries, can be recycled at other sites across the UK. Visit www.recyclenow.com or contact your local authority for more information.

How can I recycle my used lightbulbs?

All CFL and LED bulbs should be recycled at your nearest recycling bank. Visit www.recyclenow.com or contact your local council to locate your nearest recycling site.