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Neff C17UR02N0B Built-In Microwave, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the microwave to fit

H45cm x W56cm x D55cm

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Designed for upper cabinets, the Neff C17UR02N0B built-in microwave is easy to operate via a touch control panel offering a range of power levels and automatic programmes. With a stainless steel trim, it will bring a touch of sleek styling to any kitchen.

Total control
Incorporating a sophisticated cooking system and a choice of five power levels up to 600W for food and 900W for beverages means you can be assured your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. A choice of seven handy automatic programmes makes preparing meals quicker and easier. The microwave also has a programmable timer.

Easy cleaning
The microwave has a stainless steel interior with a ceramic enamel coating to make it easy to clean. An interior LED light lets you see your food as it is cooking. It also features a drop-down door and automatic safety switch-off.

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