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You’ve done your research and settled on which TV is the right one for you. Now, why not let us help with the hard work of setting it up so it’s ready to go?

If you add the Installation and Recycling Service options to your basket, along with your new TV and a suitable wall mount, our delivery Partners will deliver your new TV, set it up for you and remove and recycle your existing one

If your TV is coming directly from the supplier, we can still install it. Just give us a call on 0345 604 8835 once you’ve bought your TV.

Wall mount or pedestal?

​​We can set up both. Check the product specifications to see if the model you’ve chosen can be mounted to the wall. If it can, read on. If not, here’s what you need to know.

How to ensure a successful TV wall mount installation

Installation Checklist: Wall-Mounted TVs

Installation Checklist: Wall-Mounted TVs

Here's what to check before booking a TV wall mount service

Watch this short video for details on our TV wall mount installation service and how to book

We want your installation to go as smoothly as possible so you can start binge-watching box sets straight away. The information below includes a few things to check before we arrive.


Wall & bracket type

Wall & bracket type

In order to know what bracket you need to buy to wall mount your TV, give your wall a gentle tap with your knuckles. If it sounds hollow it’s probably plasterboard so it’s best to go for a fixed position bracket.

If the wall sounds solid when you tap it, choose either a multi-position or fixed bracket. If your wall is in poor condition, ask an expert to check the wall before booking the wall-mounted service.



We’ll connect your TV to the aerial and other devices like DVD players or gaming consoles. In order to achieve the best installation, the aerial point and electrical power supply should be roughly one metre away from the TV. If yours is further please have a compatible cable or extension lead to hand.

We can hide untidy cables for you if you add our paintable cable management to your basket when purchasing your TV.




We’ll connect your SMART TV to the internet so please have your Wifi log-in details ready and download relevant apps, like Sonos for a new soundbar connection. If your connection isn’t great you might want to consider an additional WIFI solution.



If you’ve purchased a new soundbar from us we can mount this on the wall next to your TV on the same day. If it requires a soundbar wall bracket please have this to hand.

Not sure? Bit confused? What’s WiFi?
If you aren’t sure whether your existing setup matches all that, we might not be able to wall mount your new TV on the day. If you’re not sure, give us a call on 03456 049 049 or download this checklist and pop into your nearest John Lewis & Partners. We’ll be happy to help.

Installation and recycling prices

Installation price

TV Wall Mount: £125

Please note the following services can only be booked through our stores.

Wall Mount and smart speaker installation: £155


Per television: £25

If you have only booked a recycling service, please ensure your current television has been safely disconnected from the electricity supply before we arrive.

Read about our guide to recycling electrical and electronic products.

We also offer TV setup installations, find out more about what you need to know and pricing here.

Read about our guide to recycling electrical and electronic products.

If your appliance is being delivered directly from the supplier and you would like them to complete an installation service, please call 0345 604 8835 to book once you have purchased the appliance.

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