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Siemens CM676GBS6B Built-in Microwave Oven with Home Connect, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the microwave to fit

H46cm x W57cm x 55cm

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Offering a microwave function as well as a grill, a fan oven and a conventional oven in a single unit, the Siemens CM676GBS6B built-in oven offers 13 different cooking modes. It has dozens of automated cooking programmes, a self-cleaning function and delivers fast, convenient cooking through combining different methods with preset programming. This medium-sized oven offers remote operation through the Home Connect internet system and has an A energy rating.

Flexible cooking
Thanks to its integrated microwave, this oven can bake, cook and grill in the shortest possible time. With many setting options on a simple-to-use control panel, it is straightforward to harness the speed and power of multifunctional cooking. With this oven there's a fast preheat function and no need to defrost and precook food in a separate appliance, for instance, so cooking time can be reduced by up to half.

Built-in cookbook
Offering up to 70 programmes the oven has a smart system for ensuring meat and fish are cooked to perfection. Just select the program, enter the weight of the food as well as your preferences for medium or rare and the oven will cook it to perfection without you having to stand over it, checking and making adjustments. The built-in recipe programmes also remove the guesswork out of baking.

Wipe clean
Special pyrolytic coatings mean you will never have to clean your oven again. Just press a button, and your oven cleans itself. The oven is heated to a very high temperature that causes the food remnants inside to turn to ash. You can then simply wipe out the oven with a damp cloth.

Heating methods

  • 4D hot air
  • hot air eco mode
  • conventional oven
  • conventional heat eco mode
  • hot air grilling
  • full width grill
  • A powerful, integrated grill and automatic programmes make the Bosch HMT84G654B built-in microwave a very useful and convenient oven for all types of households. And its sleek brushed steel finish makes this large, 25-litre capacity microwave look at home in any kitchen setting.

Automatic programmes
The oven offers eight AutoPilot pre-set programmes and five power levels, ranging from 90W to 900W and it offers combination cooking with its 1200W grill, including a weight automatic combination cooking programme. With the weight automatic programme, you simply enter the type of food to be cooked along with its weight, and the oven's electronic control does the rest - calculating the optimum cooking time and temperature. The oven also offers four, handy weight automatic defrost programmes.

Easy to use
The powerful 900W maximum output ensures high performance when reheating and defrosting while easy-to-use, rotary controls and a clear display allow you to set the timer and heat level effortlessly. You can easily keep an eye on your dish through the large viewing window. The oven is designed to fit into a 60cm wide aperture.

half width grill
  • intensive hot air
  • cool start
  • bottom heat
  • low temperature cooking
  • keep warm
  • plate warming
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