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Siemens CM678G4S6B Built-In Compact Oven with Microwave, Stainless Steel/Black


The size of the space needed for the oven to fit

H450 mm - 455 mm x W560 mm - 568 mm x D550 mm

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The CM678G4S6B is a built-in compact oven with a height of 45cm. It has a built-in microwave and sensors for quick, perfect combination cooking.

It boasts varioSpeed, for when you are in a hurry, reducing cooking times by up to 50%. TFT Touchdisplay Plus provides clear text display and intuitive operation. The roastingSensor and bakingSensor functions detect the exact moment when your food is done guaranteeing great results.

The activeClean feature is an automatic system for effortless cleaning. In addition this appliance has HomeConnect, which means you can access and control your oven, no matter where you are, with the easy-to-use HomeConnect App.

It also has 15 different programmable heating methods:

  • 4D hot air
  • hotairEco
  • conventional oven
  • conventional heat ECO
  • hot air grilling
  • full width grill
  • half width grill
  • intensive hot air
  • coolStart
  • bottom heat
  • intensive conventional heat
  • low temperature

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