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Built-in Appliances
Built-in appliances

Built-In Appliances

Designed to bring uniformity to your fitted kitchen, built-in (or integrated) washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers offer a sleek and unobtrusive look.

When you buy your new appliance from us, we offer an installation service upon delivery, and can take away your old appliance too. Find out more



Features are usually the same as any freestanding equivalent, but built-in machines are wholly or partially housed into a cavity, behind a matching kitchen door.

When buying a built-in appliance you’ll still need to think about what features you want, as well as where and how your appliance will be positioned and fitted. Your John Lewis & Partners fitted kitchen planner will be the best source of advice.



Built-in or free standing

  • These appliances stand free of any kitchen unit
  • They can be positioned anywhere practicable
  • Appliances are boxed in at the top and the sides, under a worktop
  • They can still be removed easily
Built-in / integrated
  • These are fixed in, with the correct ventilation
  • An integrated appliance is fully or partially concealed behind a door panel and within a carcass (base unit)
  • A built-in appliance can be seen, but it has unfinished sides and would topple over if left freestanding
  • Models tend to be slimmer (D55cm) and shorter (H80-82cm) than conventional machines, and they also tend to be more expensive as fewer are made

When considering an integrated refrigerated appliance, there are two ways of attaching the furniture door:

  • A fixed/door-on-door fitting means that the cabinet door is attached and fixed to the integrated appliance door. There is only one set of strong hinges on the appliance used to support both the cabinet door AND the appliance door. Both doors move as one when opened as they are effectively ‘stuck’ together.
  • A sliding fitting integrated appliance is only supporting the weight of its own door. The sliding mechanism ensures the appliance door will pivot inside the cabinet against the furniture door, both doors moving as two.


Fridge freezer
  • As integrated, but with the control panel visible

Replacing a built-in model

Built-in appliances may have changed since you last bought one, so it’s important that you know exactly what you need from your new machine.

If you:

  • Had an older built-in unit, it might have had a décor panel on it

These are rarely made now, so consider an integrated model instead.


If you:

  • Have a kitchen furniture plinth running along the base of your appliance

Then it is probably integrated and could replace it with another integrated machine.


If you:

  • Find your worktop height is lower than the standard 85cm

Then you may need a height-reduction kit.

Where to fit your built-in appliance

  • Your washing machine or dishwasher should be near the sink to keep the plumbing together

  • Never fit appliances in front of your stop tap: you’ll need to have easy access to it

  • Try to position your cooker and hob on an outside wall to help with ventilation

  • A hob will need an extractor unit above it

  • It’s usual to position a hob over a 600mm unit

  • Don’t position a hob or oven under a window or behind an inwardly opening door

  • Avoid placing appliances in a corner as they’ll be difficult to operate

  • Siting a cooker next to a fridge or freezer will force both appliances to work harder – thus using up more energy

Fitted Kitchens

Our kitchens offer great design, reliable quality and real value. Our comprehensive fitted kitchen service means we can take care of all the planning and fitting for you.

To book a consultation appointment or find out more, visit our fitted kitchen service page


Standard delivery

Standard delivery of your built-in appliance is free. This can be in as little as 3 working days, but you’ll be offered delivery slots at checkout.

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery is available for some appliances, check individual product pages.

Delivery by supplier

Delivery by our approved supplier means your appliance will be delivered directly by the manufacturer, or their chosen courier, and they will arrange delivery with you.


Guarantees on all our built-in appliances are at least 2 years as standard. John Lewis built-in appliances have 3-year guarantees.


Our rewards credit card gives you 1.25% back in points towards vouchers when you shop with us.



Our rewards credit card gives you 1.25% back in points towards vouchers when you shop with us.

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