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Siemens iQ500 CP565AGS0B Built-In Combination Microwave with Steam, Stainless Steel/Black



H45.5 x W59.4 x D54.5cm

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The sleek and modern design of the iQ500 CP565AGS0B built-in microwave from Siemens makes it a smart choice for contemporary kitchens. Equipped with 30 intuitive programs that offer fast cooking, re-heat and defrost functionality, its additional full width grill, hot air and steam function allow you to prepare and cook your dishes with ease and versatility.

Heating and Cooking
Featuring Siemens' impressive cookControl 30 feature, this microwave boasts 30 automatic programs to achieve seamless results. With a fast preheat setting that enables the required baking temperature to be reached sooner, its impressive 1000W maximum microwave power can be controlled via 5 levels so that you choose the right cooking option to suit you.

Steam and Grill
Housed inside this spacious 36 litre capacity combination microwave is a full width grill, a hotAir feature that achieves optimum baking results by distributing heat equally around the cavity, and a fullSteam function that makes it simple to cook healthy and delicious dishes each night.

Additional features include:

  • This sophisticated microwave features lightControl, that illuminates the dials for easy operation alongside the touch-controlled buttons
  • Energy efficient LED light
  • Digital temperature display with heat-up indicator and control panel lock
  • Electronic timer
  • Automatic safety switch off

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