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Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

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33 x 33 x 21cm
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Hungry for success in the 1950s, George Stephen Snr would soon change the way Americans cooked outdoors. Working at Weber Brothers Metalworks in Chicago, manufacturing marine buoys, he decided to chop a metal buoy in half, add air vents and legs and so created the original kettle barbecue. His lidded barbecue looked like a spaceship but it soon took off when people tasted its grilling results.

With post-war Americans embracing less formal entertaining at home, outdoor covered cooking caught on and not long after setting up on his own, George was able to buy out Weber Brothers. Weber gas and electric barbecues went from strength to strength, especially with the arrival of the Weber Genesis in the 1980s. Weber is now known worldwide for its barbecues, tools, covers and other BBQ accessories.

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  • Buy Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter Online at
  • Buy Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter Online at
  • Buy Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter Online at
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