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Curtain Poles


When you choose a pole or a track, you'll need to decide what's best for your window and the type of curtains it will support.

We have a wide range of ready-made options, but if you need something made to measure, we can help with that too. Find out more.

Curtain poles

  • Give you a wider choice and greater versatility
  • Are avilable in a wood finish
  • Can be customised with a selection of finials and rings
  • Allow you to have a wider choice of curtain headings, such as tab top and eyelet

Curtain tracks

  • Ideal if you have tall or tricky to access windows and want to open your curtains with a pull-cord
  • Allow your curtains to glide with the lightest touch
  • Can be mounted from the ceiling


Curtain poles with separate accessories

  • Allow you to create an individual look
  • Offer an ideal solution for bay windows
  • Give you the choice of adding something understated if you want your window treatment to blend into the overall look of a room, or dramatic if you want to make your windows a real feature.

Curtain pole kits

  • Come with all components supplied. If you have a tight recess space, the only item you’d need to buy separately would be recess brackets.


  • When selecting your curtain rings, it’s best to allow one ring for every 10cm of pole
  • Poles will need 2x side brackets, and those over 180cm long will also need a centre bracket and connector
  • For bay windows, you'll need to use flexible bay corners in conjunction with passing brackets
  • Passing brackets give intermediate support and, with the open ended passing rings, allow the curtains to move across them freely.


  • Choose a curtain pole that’s long enough to allow your curtains to stack back to the sides of the windows
  • Poles can be cut to size, or joined with a connector if made from metal
  • Wood poles come with a double end screw to join them; you’ll need an extra centre bracket for poles over 180cm in length.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we have a made to measure service too.

PVC tracks

  • Are inexpensive and flexible
  • Ideal for lightweight or voile curtains

Aluminium tracks

  • Offer more strength and durability
  • Glide smoothly
  • Give you the option of having a bendable track
  • Allow curtains to be operated with a pull cord
  • Ideal for light and medium weight fabric


Alternatively, there are three other types of track available in-store only: made to measure, steel and heavy-duty aluminium.

Made to measure tracks

  • If you want the look of a pole with the glide of a track, our made-to-measure service with Silent Gliss Metropole is the perfect solution

Steel tracks

  • Ideal for heavy weight curtains
  • This type of track is always corded

Heavy-duty aluminium tracks

  • Can be ordered to bespoke sizes 
  • Ideal for bay windows
  • Can be bent to your own measurements or our professional fitters will bend them as part of our fitting service.


When deciding between corded or uncorded tracks, consider whether you…

  • Want to open and close the curtains using a pull-cord
  • Have tall or tricky-to-access windows
  • Prefer to minimise handling of more delicate fabrics

If any of these are a factor, then corded tracks are a great option. Otherwise you can opt for uncorded tracks.


Troubleshooting Video


Outside recess

  • When measuring, allow a minimum of 15cm (6") each side of the window to let in the maximum amount of daylight
  • For very full curtains allow even greater width
  • Narrow windows can be made to appear wider by extending the track on either size
  • PVC and aluminium tracks can be cut to fit
  • Heavy-duty aluminium tracks can be ordered in exact lengths from our shops
  • An extendable steel track can be used where you're unsure of the exact measurements

Inside recess

  • To fit a curtain track inside a recess, the overall length of the track should be slightly shorter than the actual width of the recess
  • Standard size PVC or slim aluminium tracks can be cut to fit using a hacksaw
  • When measuring, allow for bends; the gentler the bend, the smoother your curtains will run
  • Most PVC or aluminium tracks can be bent to fit. If the track is heavy-duty aluminium you'll need to order it ready bent – just fill in one of our measurement forms in store and we’ll do the rest.


What are my delivery options?

Spend over £30 online and you can Click & Collect your curtain tracks or poles free of charge from our shops.
We’ll deliver free when you spend over £50.


Attaching curtains to poles

  • For pencil pleat curtains, fit the curtain hooks into the “eyes” on the bottom part of the curtain rings
  • The curtain should hang below the eyes, not cover them. If the rings are partly covered, they will push the heading forward, making the curtain stick out rather than sitting flush
  • Place the end ring between the bracket and the finial to keep the end of the curtain in place when the curtains are closed
  • Tab top and eyelet curtains fit directly onto the pole. Place the end eyelet or tab between the finial and bracket
  • For more detailed help, take a look at our curtains buying guide

Cutting and bending tracks


PVC tracks are easy to cut with a hacksaw:

  • When bending, work with care and make sure the track is at room temperature
  • Follow the pack instructions to find out what angle of bend you can achieve


Aluminium tracks are also easy to cut with a hacksaw:

  • Aluminium can be made into tighter bends but work carefully since once bent, an aluminium track will not spring back
  • Follow the pack instructions and bend in stages, checking the angle of the bend regularly against the shape of the window

Fitting tracks


  • Most tracks come with universal brackets that can be fixed either to the wall or ceiling

Wall fixing

  • Fix the track to a wooden batten above the window frame, or to brickwork using long screws and raw plugs
  • Ceiling fixing: Attach the track to ceiling joists or a wooden batten

Cleaning tracks

Occasional cleaning will improve the performance of your track and help prolong its life. Wash with a household detergent, allow to dry, then spray with a silicone-based lubricant.