The 10 storage solutions your home’s been waiting for

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Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

We all need a little help to declutter. These clever storage buys could be just what your home needs…

A new year and a new year’s resolution to declutter. But how many of us will give up before the month is out? Before you do, perhaps you’re not being fair to yourself and your home; do you need to up your storage game too?

‘You feel less in control of your life when you aren’t in control of your home,’ says Vicky Silverthorn, professional organiser, Official Storage Expert for John Lewis & Partners and author of Start With Your Sock Drawer. ‘Finding things in a cluttered home can be a problem that in turn makes life more stressful. The more you have, the harder it is to find your belongings a place to live and if they don’t have a home, then tidying can become an endless chore.’

Starting with your sock/kitchen/bathroom drawer is a great motivator, as Vicky continues: ‘If you don’t know where to start, I always say start with your sock drawer – something simple and small, that you can work on and then stop so you get that feeling of completition.’

Once that sock drawer looks like a thing of beauty, work your way around your home, helped by our favourite storage buys.


A hold-plenty bookcase

Create a stylish yet practical storage solution in your living room with a smart bookcase. Go for a design that has plenty of deep shelves, but don’t be tempted to overfill – books need space around them, which will help create a less-cluttered look. Try stacking a few on top of each other, rather than end on, and intersperse with vases or ornaments. Go through and edit your book collection, keeping only those you know you will re-read or love.

Storage drawer tidy

A clever drawer tidy

Are your drawers full of clutter? Overflowing with junk? Whether its bedroom or bathroom drawers, or even the family's junk drawer, the same trick applies – break up the internal space of the drawer into more manageable sections. Dividing and conquering the chaos with a drawer tidy or storage tray – this will make most of available storage space inside the drawer and it will be easier to find what you need. You’ll find it quicker to tidy up too, as everything will have its set place in the tray. Look out for trays designed for those smaller bits and pieces too, such as maek-up and cosmetics.

Desk storage

A tidy desk helper

Whether you’re working from home or need a space to keep on top of life admin, a tidy desk area is essential – it will certainly make you more productive if you can find what you need easily. Treat yourself to some elegant desk accessories, such as pen pots, filing trays and tidies, but don’t allow them to become clutter magnets – a weekly edit of paperwork is a must!


A secret storage piece

Now you see it… now you don’t. Hands up if you’re looking for secret storage that can transform your family space from chaos to calm in a flash? Look for upholstered pieces that double as footstools, sofas with room under the cushions or tables with concealed storage. Just don’t forget what you’ve hidden away – try a monthly reveal and sort. 

Storage baskets

A brilliant hold-anything basket

Pop clutter – or stuff that’s waiting to be sorted or put away – in a basket for a quick tidy up, then get into the habit of emptying once a week. If you choose a basket or two that works with your scheme, visitors won’t see the clutter that’s inside. Go for a design with handles, which will allow you to carry the basket around your home as you tidy away.

Storage clothes rail

A space to hang

If your hallway or spare bedroom is in need of more hanging space – whether that’s to deal with the family’s winter coats or your summer wardrobe, then look at a slim hanging rail. Choose a design with a shelf underneath to max-out the storage potential, or one that folds away when not in use. And again, edit regularly… the look should be one of calm and order.

Storage shoes

A smart shoe solution

Shoes are one of the biggest offenders in a cluttered home – do a quick shoe count by your front door and you’ll probably find at least three pairs per person. Hold a seasonal shoe clearout and pack away those not needed. If you want to save shelf space in cupboards, then look for clever tidies that allow you to double up shoes, while furniture with cubby holes are a great solution if you have space in your hallway.

Wellbeing storage cabinet

A hero piece

Give a room style and storage with a statement piece of furniture. Look for low-level storage cabinets that are compact enough to fit into an alcove, while still offering plenty of shelf space inside and you can style the top with your most treasured finds. Look for a cabinet on legs – by seeing the floor beneath, you’ll increase the sense of space in the room – this is a great stylist’s trick that really works.

Storage food containers

A set of clever containers

As we aim to shop more sustainably, avoid creating an overflowing cupboard full of tubs and mis-matched lids with smart food storage. Look for designs that stack easily or are colour-coded, helping your kitchen to function smoother and sleeker. Go through your container cupboard every six weeks or so, matching lids and restacking – you’ll be more likely to take to the shops to fill-your-own if you can find the right size tub.

Storage kids room

A fun toy tidy-up

Make the tidy-away fun and you might just encourage the youngest members of your household to become declutterers too. Look for storage bags and baskets with handles that can be carried from room to room, while fun, bright pieces look great left out on display on open shelves. When it comes to toy decluttering, keep any eye out to see what’s being played with, then remove anything that’s redundant to a holding bay, waiting to see if it’s requested or not further down the line. Pass anything clean and in good working order to your local charity or preschool.

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