Fans, Heaters & Purifiers


Keep unwanted allergens at bay

Allergens can easily build up indoors – the Dyson Purifier is designed to remove unwelcome airborne particles


Fans, Heaters & Purifiers

Find the perfect temperature in your home with a heater or fan from our collection. In colder climates a heater will provide respite from frosty mornings and wintry temperatures. Our range includes fan heaters and convector heaters to suit your individual preferences. We also provide a range of electric blankets that make your bed warm and cosy before you get in, as well as keeping the chill off throughout the night. For warmer times our collection of fans and humidifiers are helpful at keeping temperatures at a comfortable level.

  • Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

    Smart heaters allow you to set times for when you want your rooms to be heated, simply connect to your smartphone to control when you want your heater to come on and help preserve energy costs.

  • What is the best fan to buy?

    Choose between desk fans, tower fans or pedestal fans as well as air conditioning units for when summer humidity becomes too much to bear.