Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch

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Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Versa Smart Fitness Watch, Rose Gold


Product description

Product code: 85920120

The Fitbit Versa health and fitness smartwatch has been created to help you live your life, the best way possible. Thanks to a lightweight, water-resistant (up to 50 metres) design, actionable insights, personalised guidance, on-screen workouts and coaching, along with a battery that lasts up to four days; the Fitbit Versa helps you reach all your fitness and health goals.

On-screen coaching
Start dynamic personal coaching, complete with on-screen guidance during every move and routines that adapt based on your feedback. Get a better understanding of your fitness level and learn how you can improve over time.

Connected GPS
Discover more about your hikes and runs by enabling Connected GPS on your Fitbit Versa to see pace and distance on the display, plus get a handy map of your route in the Fitbit app.

Maximum music
With Fitbit Versa, you can store and play 300+ songs right from your wrist — giving you the motivation you need at a moment’s notice. Additionally, there’s no phone required, just use Bluetooth to connect your headphones and away you go.

Water resistant to 50 meters
Wear Fitbit Versa in the pool or rain and use it to track swim workouts with stats like lap counting, duration and calories burned.

Apps onboard
With Fitbit Versa, all your favourite apps for fitness, finance, social media, sports and more are just a tap away — including new apps by developers and experimental apps from Fitbit Labs.

Nifty notifications
Stay connected with call and calendar alerts, text notifications and quick replies, plus updates from your favourite apps like Gmail and Facebook. Works with select devices, when your phone is nearby.

PurePulse continuous heart rate
Use PurePulse continuous heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimise effort during workouts, see your resting heart rate trends and discover your cardio fitness level.

Additional information:

  • Use 15+ exercise modes like Run or Swim to record workouts
  • Access your favourite apps for sports, weather and more
  • See notifications for calls, calendar events or texts and send quick replies
  • Start personalised workouts on-screen with Fitbit Coach
  • Connect to smartphone GPS for real-time pace and distance on screen
  • Track heart rate all day, during workouts and over time
  • Get health insights and personalised guidance in one place on Fitbit Now

Technical support
If you experience any technical issues with your Fitbit device, Fitbit's dedicated technical support can help. Call then on 08000 698505.
Mon - Fri - 0800 - 1800
Sat - Sun - 1000 - 1700

You can also check their web support here.

If you are unsure if your phone or device is compatible with Fitbit, click here.

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Product specification
Battery life
Up to fours days. Please note: battery life varies with usage
Bluetooth Enabled
Bracelet Type
H11 x W41 x D256mm
Location Services
via GPS
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Model name / number
Fitbit Versa
NFC Payment Enabled
Other NFC Payment method enabled
Fitbit Versa
Strap Material
Rubber or silicone
Watch Type