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Buy capsules in Nespresso Boutiques at Peter Jones, John Lewis & Partners Kingston, Nottingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Horsham and Canary Wharf. 

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Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes with varying functionalities. Browse our range of coffee machines to find the ideal model for your tastes. Nespresso machines remain an ever-popular choice when it comes to personal coffee machines and you can pick up a Nespresso pod for capsuled coffee, such as the KRUPS range or versions like the Latissimia for whipping up your favourite lattes, cappuccinos and espresso macchiatos. Sage Barista, Miele and De’Longhi coffee machines offer excellent bean to cup models which are just as adept at furnishing you with rich and tasty coffee, whilst you can also opt for filter coffee machines and drip coffee machines from brands like Smeg to ensure you are presented with your preferred cup of coffee.