Fabulous food prep gadgetry video

Amris Kaur

Copy Producer, EHT

Take the elbow grease out of preparation

Have you often thought about cooking more exciting meals using a variety of ingredients, but then sigh inwardly at the thought of chopping herbs, grinding garlic and putting in the elbow grease to prepare vegetables?

It's often easier to turn to ready-made foods sometimes, especially when you're feeling less than motivated to cook. But for the most part, we know that these meals can often be more expensive, and less nutritious, than home-cooked meals.

This is where your new kitchen gadget comes in: with the help of a food preparation appliance, you can prepare food faster and with less effort. And the best thing is, there are a huge range of products available to suit your needs, whatever your level of cooking ability!

From simple stick blenders with minimal mess and fuss to all-singing, all-dancing food processors that do everything from chopping and slicing to kneading dough, these gadgets can help take the hard work out of cooking. This video takes you through some of the appliances available, and showcases their many functions. We hope it'll persuade you to craft delicious meals with minimal effort. Bon appétit!