The legacy of Robert Welch - video

Good design is something we tend to take for granted nowadays, but it was probably during the latter half of the twentieth century and the explosion of consumerism that many more of us became aware of its importance in our everyday lives and in the goods we buy.

Robert Welch may not have had the celebrity status of today’s designers like the Conrans or the home and interiors TV stars, but his prolific pioneering spirit played a vital role in developing the objects we use in our homes every day. He made exquisite silver commissions for Downing Street and for cathedrals and museums around the world, but at the same time was responsible for many everyday items considered to be design classics.

Since his death in 2000, his children, Rupert and Alice, have turned Robert Welch into an international design and manufacturing business, specialising in cutlery and candlesticks here at John Lewis. It’s a fascinating story, and in this video presented by son Rupert, we’ve tried to capture its essence.