John Lewis & Partners 60cm JLBIIH616 Induction Hob, Black

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John Lewis & Partners 60cm JLBIIH616 Induction Hob, Black


The size of the space needed for the hob to fit

H4.4 x W56 x D49cm

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Aperture needed
H4.4 x W56 x D49cm
John Lewis & Partners
Burner power
Left front zone: Induction, 2300/3700W. Left rear zone: Induction, 1800W. Right front zone: Induction, 1400/2500W. Right rear zone: Induction, 1800W.
Cable included
Control position
Country of origin
H4.4 x W59 x D52cm
Fuel type
2 year guarantee
Hob fuel
Hob type
Induction Hob
Model name / number
Number of burners
Plug included
Product code
Residual heat indicator
Total load rating (electrical)
Touch control
Cooking can be tedious sometimes: if finding the perfect temperature to simmer sauces at wasn't hard enough, the clean up afterwards is hardly an enticing task to look forward too. That's why, when designing this hob, we wanted to make mealtimes that little bit easier. Featuring clever induction technology, handy PowerBoost heating, sleek touch controls and an adjustable timer, you'll have everything at your disposal for a stress-free experience in the kitchen.

What's an induction hob?
Think of an induction hob as a more modern, efficient version of a ceramic hob. Cleverly generating heat using electromagnetic currents beneath the surface, the top only generates heat when pans come into direct contact of the specific cooking zone. You'll benefit from lower energy bills, more control over temperature when cooking, a safer kitchen and quicker clean-up afterwards.

Quicker heat for extra speed
No more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost button gives you an instant burst of heat. It’s perfect for tasks like boiling potatoes, and other quick-cooking jobs too, like searing meat.

Clean as you cook
Because the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook, you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on, and there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So it’s easy to keep the hob area looking pristine – even while you’re still cooking.

Touch Controls
Specify cooking levels, set timers and adjust temperatures with the Touch Controls. The operation panel is embedded directly into the hob's glass. For full cooking control with a few taps.

Total control over cooking time
The adjustable timer will remind you of the cooking time. It can also be used as a minute minder when the burners are not in use.

A promise from us to you
The John Lewis & Partners name is always an assurance of reliable quality, great design and absolute value. Incorporating the latest engineering features and electronic systems, our appliances are thoughtfully and stylishly conceived to meet all the demands of the contemporary home. There’s also a 3-year guarantee, backed by our very special reputation for excellent service.