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Velvet carpet

Loop carpet

Twist carpet

Twist carpet

Softer, smoother and more luxurious

With straighter fibres than a twist pile, Velvet carpets show light and dark shading with lustre. The rich, indulgent look is magnificent throughout your home, or reserved for the bedroom or more formal areas.

Loop carpet

Great for busy areas

Loop carpet is great for hallways and stairs. These uncut, yarn loops have a weave that bounces back to shape. Whether flat or textured, the rugged appearance can be similar to natural flooring like sisal.

Twist carpet

Hardwearing and long-lasting

Cut-pile and twisted fibres create textured carpets which are ideal for busier areas. Whether in the plain or ‘heathered’ (mottled) style, marks are less likely to show and fibres are less likely to fluff on a twist carpet.


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