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Climate Collection

This innovative collection uses material infused with copper beads to regulate the mattress surface temperature while you sleep

Anyday Collection

ANYDAY Collection

Ideal for guest beds and occasional use. Available in open spring, pocket spring and foam options

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

An exclusive range of hand-crafted, luxury mattresses, featuring sustainably sourced fine tree silk, Alpaca wool and pashmina


For your peace of mind, we offer a 60-night sleep comfort trial period on selected John Lewis mattresses.

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Choosing the right mattress is vital to the construction of an optimum sleeping habitat. Ensuring you accumulate a healthy amount of quality sleep each night will boost your mental and physical well being. Research has found that those who gain the most from their sleep benefit more during waking hours due to an increase in energy, productivity and a happier mood. In order to reap the rewards of a rejuvenating rest, we recommend you purchase a mattress which adheres to your sleeping style and requirements. A first rate mattress aims to surround your body in luxurious comfort while supporting it in a neutral alignment. However, it is important that your pair this functionality with a mattress which accommodates to your specific needs and preferences. Side sleepers who adopt either a fetal, log or yearner position typically prefer a soft mattress. Soft mattresses lends a cushioned area needed to support the shoulders and hips. For those who like to spread out like a starfish, proudly lie like a soldier or freefall like a skydiver, we suggest using a firmer mattress. Firmer mattresses are typically preferred by people who sleep on their back or stomach as they need support over a larger surface area. Medium mattresses are particularly beneficial for couples who may need a middle ground option. Identifying your favourite sleeping positions allows you to find the right tension level to accelerate the sleeping process. Once you have discovered the right tension for your mattress. It is then important for you to select the right mattress design. One of the current most popular mattresses is the memory foam mattress. The sumptuous and innovative design of a memory foam mattress implements a sinkable surface area which contour and conforms to your body while supporting it where it needs it the most. Premium memory foam mattresses incorporate materials which offer breathable and temperature regulating properties. They are also designed to ensure you are not disturbed by your partner’s restless sleeping movements. We supply popular memory foam mattresses from reputable brands such as Emma, Simba, Tempur and Casper. Couples in notably favour a pocket spring mattress. A pocket spring mattress is composed of individually wrapped springs which move independently with your body’s movements. It therefore minimises potential interferences from your partners negative sleeping habits. Another popular design is a Latex mattress. The natural materials optimises the maximum benefits mother nature has to offer one of your most primitive needs. A natural mattresses are encased with breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating functions which create an ideal respiratory sleeping environment. The Latex material around the mattress maintains its sturdy shape, making it a worthwhile investment for years to come. Stick with a familiar classic with an open spring mattress. This style of mattress is lightweight which makes it simple to effortlessly flip it over. This turnover process is helpful towards creating a hygienic resting place. Open spring mattresses are also one of the most affordable options, making it an ideal addition in guest rooms and children's bedrooms. For guests and unplanned social sleepovers, we advise using inflatable mattresses. Our inflatable mattresses inflate and deflate quickly as well as providing a comfortable and supportive layer. Air beds are also available. We have sourced inflatable mattresses which are easy to transport and store for your convenience. We provide single mattresses for bunk beds, children's bedrooms and individual sanctuaries. Double mattresses for humble beds and guest rooms. King size and super king size mattresses for couples who like to really spread out. Emperor mattresses and Large emperor mattresses to lay the foundation for grand bedroom thrones. To conclude, to find the best mattress for your we advocate for your first identify your favourite sleeping positions. This will allow you to pair your sleeping style to the correct tension for your mattress. Then Identify what mattress design meets your requirements. The final step is choosing a mattress which fits your bed frame.