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Why the moments that matter to you, matter to us

Jess Spiring,-Deputy Editor

We put happiness at the heart of everything we do. And recent research showed us that your happiest moments aren’t necessarily marked by fireworks or floral displays. You find joy in simpler moments too, like a snatched nap on the sofa, an impromptu supper with old friends or daring to date again post-divorce. It’s why we’re proud to announce that John Lewis is evolving so we can be by your side for all of life’s moments, from the modest to the momentous.

When you’re knee-deep in nappies, knee-high on the career ladder or on your actual knees trying to make your first home habitable, it can feel like that life stage will last forever. But new research conducted by John Lewis into the shopping habits of millions suggests that we do indeed move from one ‘moment’ to another identifying those which shape the rhythm and focus of modern life.

Some moments can last years, like going to university, or getting a promotion, while others, like a milestone birthday pass in a matter of hours. And then there are those moments which are more of a mindset, stopping, starting and overlapping through the years, such as beginning a new wellness routine, taking time for yourself or celebrating national holidays. 

Archive Collage, Jonelle launch in the 50's and 60's

The own brand story

John Lewis has always been focussed on helping customers meet life’s challenges, bringing a celebratory mindset to life’s joyful moments and nowhere is this more in evidence than in our own brand range.

It was launched under the name ‘Jonell’ back in 1937 to sell stockings, rapidly expanding during the 1950s and 1960s to include hats, bedding, radios, kitchens and even toothpaste. Name changes followed with an ‘e’ being added to create the more fashionably French sounding iteration ‘Jonelle’ in 1963, reverting to simply John Lewis and Partners products in the early 2000s. Only products that meet exacting standards of value and quality are permitted to carry John Lewis’s endorsement.

But this year, we’re going one step further, requiring our own brand products to fulfil at least one of four feature benefits: 

Thoughtfully Designed

With Expertise and Pride

Consciously Crafted

With Respect and Care

Created for Real Life

With the Everyday in Mind

Made to Last

With Quality That Stands the Test of Time

John Lewis Is Changing

Products that have what it takes

‘They’re stringent requirements,’ says Pippa Wicks, Executive Director John Lewis. ‘But we have incredibly passionate designers, craftspeople and buyers within the partnership who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of quality and value to bring customers products that elevate their everyday lives. John Lewis’s purpose is to create a happier world and happier customers, so insisting that our products exemplify these qualities means happiness is the golden thread that runs through the collection.’

While there are more than 10,000 brilliant products in the range, this autumn we’ve singled out 100 heroes that showcase how John Lewis products take a joyfully bold approach to enhancing all life’s moments. ‘We’re so proud of this range – it’s why we put our name on them,’ says Pippa. ‘And the top 100 will give customers a flavour of what we hope Own Brand can offer.’ 

The moments mindset in action


For the great parenting adventure

You don’t need us to tell you that raising children is one of the most rewarding and challenging moments any of us live through. With that in mind, our latest TV ad explores the highs and lows of being a modern dad, from the constantly-stained-shoulder-years of early babyhood, to toddler taming at the table, emergency wee-stops in laybys and finally that bittersweet moment they leave you to start school and you’re left wondering where the years went.

Our Top 100 products feature several heroes parents will rely on to make life easier and more joyful, from the hospital set that will wrap your boxfresh newborn in the softest organic cotton sleepsuit, bib and hat, to the car seat that grows and adapts as your child does, so you don’t need to replace it every few years.

There are FSC-certified toys (The Forest Stewardship Council mark confirms the wood used is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable) such as this hammer bench which are designed to survive not just this childhood, but your grandchildren’s too.

And there are fabulous fashion items for mini-mes too because, we hate to break it to you, but they won’t always let you style them your way. 

John Lewis Bag

For all-day confidence

It’s a given that our own-brand clothing collections will help you tick off the trends with flattering cuts and quality fabrics. But we want to earn our place in your wardrobe by delivering other feature benefits that help you look good and feel good too. It’s why our menswear suiting comes with extra material in the hem and cuffs so they can be lengthened for the perfect fit, our loafers rival a pair of trainers for comfort, and our rugby shirt weighs 330g, a luxury-level quantity of cotton given the entry-level price.

In womenswear, our design team are beyond excited about this vintage-inspired handbag which can be worn three-ways, meaning it can be deployed for daytime, date or dancefloor. The bright-blue long coat on the Top 100 list is so coveted by everyone in the John Lewis team we’re planning a rota so we’re not all dressed the same.

Kids don’t miss out either. The fashion-forward denim jumpsuit on the Top 100 list uses poppers not buttons for easy dressing with little fingers, while the parker on the list comes with labels that feature space for your childs’ name, and the fleece is made of recycled polyester.


For moving out and moving on

Happily, we will still make fitted kitchens and almost everything else that will transform your house into a home, whether that’s a student rental, your starter semi, or your newly-single bachelor pad.

Our designers are fanatical about comfort and quality. Take the Trim sofa that features in the Top 100, for example. Our testers have checked every seam and stitch to ensure that it will never sag and doesn’t need tedious plumping to look its best. Plant-based chemicals instead of petrol-based ones have been used to treat the foam its filled with, while the Trim’s frame is guaranteed for 15 years, so Fido will still be stealing the best seat in the house in his twilight years.

Not in the market for a new sofa? Then disguise your old one with the goes-with-any-scheme Segments cushion that’s generously stuffed in our Herbert Parkinson factory in Lancashire with high quality and sustainably sourced down. A comforting thought, isn’t it?

Dinner party
John Lewis dining table

For happy hosting and gathering

At John Lewis, we’re not about making do, we’re about making the most of every day, which means never missing an opportunity to build magical memories with loved ones. And where does that happen more often than around the kitchen table?

From a Michelin-worthy date-night dinner, to a lazy Sunday brunch with the kids or just, you know, Monday night leftovers after work, our own brand offering has your mealtime moments covered. From the gorgeous Leckford tableware range that’s inspired by our sustainable farm in Hampshire, to the Santino dining chairs that are so comfortable your dinner party guest won’t realise it’s already 1am.

Lady in floral pyjamas on bed with cup of coffee

For the ultimate night’s sleep

Finally, while you may not immediately think of sleep as a moment, in our study it was alluded to repeatedly by participants. Winding down, taking time to relax, starting the day right and the menopause (the ultimate sleep thief) were all considered significant life moments. It’s little wonder since science now indicates that a great night’s sleep is the cornerstone of wellbeing.

Our top 100 products list has an abundance of items to ease you off to a restful slumber. The all-star is without doubt our Eco Mattress which has 1,200 pocket springs for all-night comfort, a breathable organic cotton cover that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and filling made from responsibly sourced polymer fibres (made from 300 recycled plastic bottles). Lay it on top of our Cherry Rattan bed frame dressed with our organic cotton bed linen collection and you’ve got the bed of dreams.

We’ve got you covered too with pyjamas, slippers and of course our best-selling cashmere for lazy lie-ins. The kids don’t miss out either, with sleeping bags and, ahem, a hammer bench for your 5am wake-up call (sorry).