Your purchase history

Your past online orders will be displayed in your account if you've signed in to checkout before completing your purchase.

If you'd like to record your order history, do sign in at the checkout stage when completing a transaction; if you should leave your computer for a period of time, we'll sign you out automatically so you may need to sign in again.

When shopping in store, if you're a member of my John Lewis and you presented your membership card, then you'll also be able to see a record in your account known as Kitchen Drawer.  This keeps a record of your in-store receipts, so if you'd prefer you no longer have to keep paper copies.

Returning a product for a refund or exchange is easy - all you need to do is use our app to display the receipt you need, and show it to a shop Partner. Your receipt will be updated to show that you’ve returned the item. You’ll always have the option of printing your receipts from your account page if you need a paper copy.