Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air & iPad Air 2

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Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air & iPad Air 2, Blue

Product description

Product code: 70474235

The iPad Air Smart Cover by Apple protects the screen of your iPad without covering the aluminium back so you can still enjoy the sleek and stylish appearance of your iPad, but with the peace of mind of having a screen safe from scratches and bumps.

The Smart Cover is perfectly aligned with the iPad Air by a magnetic hinge, and magnets inside the cover help it to stay closed until you want to use the iPad. These magnets also enable the sleep/wake function on your iPad, sending it to sleep when the cover is shut and waking it when it's open.

The cover can adjust to make any task on your iPad easier. when typing, you can fold the cover back into a handy keyboard stand. When you're watching movies or TV shows, you can fold it into a perfect position for hands-free viewing.

The Smart Cover comes in a range of bright colours to match your style, and is made of polyurethane. A microfibre lining helps to protect your screen and keeps it clean and free of dust.

When you buy a PRODUCT(RED) iPad case, a portion of the purchase price will be given to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

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iPad Air & iPad Air 2
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