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Bosch HMT75M551B Built-In Microwave, Brushed Steel



364 mm x 453 mm x 320 mm

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The higher the wattage, the quicker the microwave cooks

17L capacity

A typical family sized microwave is between 20 and 30L

With a 17-litre capacity, the Bosch HMT75M551B built-in microwave oven offers a compact appliance with electronic control and a sleek brushed steel finish.

Automatic programmes
The oven offers five power levels, ranging from 90W to 800W, has three weight automatic cooking programmes, four weight automatic defrost programmes and a memory function. With these weight automatic programmes, you simply enter type of food along with its weight, and this microwave will automatically calculate the optimum heat level and cooking time.

Easy to use
The powerful 800W maximum output ensures high performance when reheating and defrosting, while easy-to-use rotary controls and a clear LED display allow you to set the timer and heat level effortlessly. You can easily keep an eye on your dish through the large viewing window. The oven is designed to fit into a 50cm wide aperture.

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