Celestron Cosmos 90GT Wi-Fi Telescope With COSMOS Celestron Navigator App, Black

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Celestron Cosmos 90GT Wi-Fi Telescope With COSMOS Celestron Navigator App, Black

Celestron Cosmos 90GT Wi-Fi Telescope With COSMOS Celestron Navigator App, Black

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Inspired by National Geographic’s eye-popping COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey show, the Cosmos 90GT Wi-Fi Telescope takes amateur star-gazing to new heights. Control your telescope wirelessly with the built-in Wi-Fi and Navigator app (Android & iOS devices) by aiming your device to the sky and tapping on an object you want to see. With over 120,000 celestial wonders on the app’s database to explore, your voyage through space will never stop baring fruits of intrigue. Together with Celestron’s celebrated optics and a range of convenient accessories, this Smart Telescope is the ultimate set for budding astronomy aficionados.

Wi-Fi Operated
As one of the first Wi-Fi telescopes commercially available, the 90GT adds a new dimension to night-sky interaction. Celestron’s all-new COSMOS Navigator app links up with the telescope and replaces the traditional hand control for a fully-wireless experience. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just hold up your smart device to the sky, tap on something you’d like to see, then watch the 90GT automatically zone in on it. It also displays information about the object, giving unmatched fun and intuition. As the 90GT makes its own Wi-Fi connection, you can link it to your device wherever you are, so the fun doesn’t stop when you leave a hot spot.

Simple Set-Up With SkyAlign Technology
The SkyAlign Technology gives ease for beginners and accuracy for experts. When you set-up your telescope, you just need to centre 3 bright objects in the eye-piece and let the 90GT calculate your position. This automatic alignment will get you going quickly and with professional precision. You can even generate a Sky Tour of all the most interested celestial objects in your time and location.

Industry-Leading Optics
The 90mm refractor features fully-coated glass optics that give mind-blowing views of such objects as the Moon’s craters, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and the Orion Nebula. Its 213x highest useful magnification, 910mm focal length and 165x light-gathering power make it a potent home telescope that will be your advanced tool for space-hopping, wherever you are. It comes with one 25mm (36x) eyepiece and a 10mm (91x) one.

Built-On Star Pointer
Similar to a laser pointer you shoot up in the sky, a Star Pointer is a convenient add-on that simplifies object finding. It pinpoints your line of sight and lets you adjust the telescope comfortably while looking with both eyes. This practical upgrade is permanently mounted on this Astromaster, so your star-gazing is as easy as it can be.

Newly-Designed Accessory Tray
The 90GT includes a reworked accessory tray that makes your set-up even more practical. Together with eye-piece storage, it has a rubberised tray so you can keep your smart phone or tablet there without worry of it slipping.

3D Spaceship Of The Imagination Design
Building on its inspiration from National Geographic’s show, this includes a special edition COSMOS eye nebula badge and a 3D Spaceship Of The Imagination (SOTI) design on the fork arm. This SOTI even lights up when the telescope is connected to Wi-Fi.

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