We have made a few changes to our in-store fitting service to help provide a safe shopping experience for your family and our Partners. This includes respecting social distancing guidelines, implementing protective screens and using specialised equipment to carry out the fitting appointment, including Partners wearing PPE and regularly cleaning the Department.

Up to the age of four, your child's feet can grow by two whole sizes each year. By the time they start school, this will usually slow to one size a year.

Checking whether your child needs new shoes is vital to maintain the health of rapidly-developing feet. A shoe-fitting service is available in some of our shops with children's shoes departments.

We offer 3 types of appointment; General Shoe Fit, First Shoes Fit and Back to School Fit, so in the booking process you'll be asked to choose your appointment type and to indicate how many children you'll be bringing along.

All our fitters are trained by either Clarks or Start-rite and will be able to advise you on the best shoe style and brand for your child for all appointments.



If you decide to measure your child’s feet at home, follow this general rule:

If a child's foot is right up to the end of the shoe, it's too small. There should be 10mm of space between the toes and the front of the shoe in pre-walkers and 14mm space in walkers.

Remember that shoes that are too big can do as much damage as those that are too small, so unlike clothing, it's not a good idea to buy shoes they can grow into.

For a complete guide on how to measure your children's feet at home, read the article.



Specially trained by the National Autistic Society, Partners in selected shops will measure your child’s feet in a comfortable environment, tailored to their needs. Book via The Experience Desk in stores listed below, or telephone:

Cheadle: 01614 918760

White City: 0208 222 6474

Cribbs Causeway: 0117 9581847

Bluewater: 01322 422 989

Southampton: 02380 216326

Download our visual guide in advance of your appointment to give your child an idea of what to expect on the day.


If you think your child has had a growth spurt, pop into a children's shoes department in one of our shops where our Partners will be happy to check.

They're trained to measure the length and width of both feet and select a choice of shoes for your child to try, to find which style best suits their foot shape.

We also sell a measuring gauge that you can use at home. There are 2 gauges: one that measures 2 junior to 8.5 junior, and another for 9 junior upwards.