The natural bed - video

Faye Janes

Assistant Buyer, Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Updated March 2014

Luxury from nature

Spink & Edgar make the most luxurious of our John Lewis mattresses for us, called the Natural collection. These mattresses only contain fillings and only use fibres made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk and, at the top of the range, cashmere. There's no polyester white fibre in these mattresses!

Natural fillings and fabrics are best for a good night's sleep because they allow the body temperature to self-regulate more effectively by wicking away moisture, so you can easily maintain a clean, fresh-feeling sleeping environment.

All the wool used to make these mattresses is sourced from the UK, and indeed a good proportion of it comes from Spink & Edgar's own farm in Yorkshire where they breed sheep only for this wool. 

In addition they use a new filling specially developed for us; hempure is made from hemp fibre, again all UK-sourced and much of it grown on Spinks' own farm in Yorkshire. Hemp is resilient and supportive for the softer layers of filling in the matt, but it's also good for the environment because it's a fast-growing "fallow" crop that requires no pesticides or fertilisers.

What's more, Spink & Edgar add lavender grown on the farm to these mattresses. Besides its proven calming, soothing and sedative effects to help produce better sleep, lavender also has antiseptic and antifungal properties. Working alongside the wool used to make these mattresses, it helps prevent the build-up of bacteria and to deter dust mite.

Find out more in this video, and watch this video to discover how the craftsmen at Spink & Edgar make their mattresses. We truly believe that a Natural collection mattress will deliver one of the best night's sleep you've ever had!

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