Katie Elliott
Website Copy Producer, Women’s Accessories and Beauty

The high street can be a beauty buyer’s minefield. Shelves upon shelves burst with bottles of creams, lotions, sticks and serums – each claiming to make you younger, smoother, brighter or more beautiful. Knowing your keratin from you collagen is all in a day’s work for a beauty expert, but many of us wouldn’t know where to start when deciding what product’s right for our skincare needs. To find a solution to this problem, we invited three of our favourite fashion and beauty bloggers to try one of this season’s hottest products, the Lancôme City Miracle CC Cream. Watch their videos to find out what they thought...

“Dress up for no reason at all”. These wise words are the opening line on Liza’s fashion blog Glambeautys.com. From tutorials to reviews, interviews to advice, this blogger certainly knows a thing or two about beauty!

The City Miracle CC Cream includes SPF 50 which is absolutely amazing, I haven't come across a CC cream with such high SPF in it yet so I was delighted to see that. As you know it's so important to protect your skin at all times so having this is an added bonus.”

Anna, of anna6belle.com is a regular blogger and YouTuber, with videos offering reviews, tips and tutorials for the latest beauty trends. When she tried the Lancôme City Miracle CC Cream, Anna said that it had a creamy velvety texture and a natural matte finish.

“The application is smooth and easy if using a brush or even your fingers. This makes it perfect to use in the morning when you’re in a rush, as it will take next to no time. It has a light floral fragrance, which is non-offensive and makes this CC Cream suitable for all skin types including sensitive. This product will give your skin a lovely healthy glow with a shine-free finish, making it ideal for everyday use.”

Amelia, who describes herself as ‘a cup half full kinda girl’ specialises in beauty fashion and lifestyle, and confesses her love of nail varnish and a good cup of tea. Her posts include anything from food and fitness to weekend updates or beauty reviews. Amelia felt that the Lancôme City Miracle CC Cream was great for the weekend when she wants an alternative to a full face of makeup.

“This CC cream is fantastic, it covers up any pores that you’ve got like any of the best primers you’ve ever used and the allover coverage is pretty good for a CC cream.”